Friday, July 17, 2009

My weakness.

Book sales. I cannot resist book sales.

I only allow myself to visit once a year. If you like books, do yourself a favor and don't click on that link. The prices are so incredibly low on most books that I want that even with shipping it's half of the price of Amazon. In fact, I shouldn't have gone there to get the link - there's a banner there proclaiming an extra 50% off of kids books. KatrinaDaisyPetal, help me, I don't think I can stay away.

But yesterday it was a library book sale that we went to. It was at the small, rural library in the town we used to live in. I wandered around while the girls sat at the table in the kids section and tried to figure out which books they wanted. At three books for a dollar, they could each get nine books.

There were the usual sections - Geography/History, Westerns, Health, Biography, Fiction, you know the drill. Then, in this teeny, tiny, rural library sale I came across this section -

(The picture's a bit shaky because I had a five-year-old tugging on my arm asking if I could read a book title to her.) I asked the volunteers and apparently there are a few local Scientologists who donate a *lot* of their books to the library. The librarian only keeps a select few. This section wasn't exactly being picked over.

The broad religion section had an awful lot of Book of Mormons for sale for fifty cents each which made me smile because the Mormon missionaries hand those out freely. They weren't flying off the shelves either.

Then I came to this section -
(Sorry the picture's so shaky. I had a two-year-old asking me if she could buy a book on sharks.)
Actually, the first of THREE of these sections.

(Sorry the picture's so shaky. I had a one-year-old pulling on my hair.) And here you have the reason that we paid the out-of-town fees to our nearest 'big town' library instead of supporting our local library (we lived just far enough out that we had to pay out-of-town memberships no matter where we went). Harlequin romances made up almost one-quarter of the local library's adult section. 'Tis what happens when you have a lonely librarian and no buying oversight. (Also, the very small children's section was overrun with Disney and other licensed character books.)

Add lots of women locally who read and then donate these books to the library, and these romances made up one-quarter of the sale books also.

I was doing fine, only had three books in my hands, until I hit the cookbook section. Then I was done for. Ask my sister about our foray into the big city's library book sale and my encounter with their cookbook section. Or don't. Maria, you're not allowed to comment on this post.

I had some interesting conversations with the librarians about homeschooling - even the ex-teacher librarians are homeschooling fans. I got quite a few children's books, some because they looked interesting, some because they were ones I want in our library, some because the artwork was so lovely. I have a problem.

But it's a problem I'm passing on. The girls couldn't even wait until we were on the road to start digging through their books. If my kids are going to have to be in therapy, I want to pick the reason they're there.

Hannah found a George and Martha book. We love George and Martha. We've read it seven times since we got home.

After the book sale, we went and picked up more plants for the butterfly garden.

And then the kids had a Daddy night while I went with some friends to watch Harry Potter. Clearance priced books, 50% off plants, and Alan Rickman. Yesterday was a very good day.


green said...

I am very pleased to live in a community with an awesome library system. In fact, I just got back from picking up more travel books.

The Harlequin book section... reminds me of the junk available in the book exchanges I came across in the backpacker hostels. I soon learned that the best book exchanges were with the backpackers I became friends with.

Cindy said...

Oh man, all those harlequins. Ick! I sure hope the librarian isn't purchasing those with some many other great options out there!

I'm also a sucker for good prices and if it says 50% (or more) off, I'm digging through it. Glad you found some great stuff!

Garvin Smith said...

Books forever!
But don't ever move!
We are shipping twelve 4 ft. wide 7 ft. tall bookshelves and more than that space in books!
We're doomed!