Tuesday, July 14, 2009

One of those artsy kind of days.

Remember how I mentioned last week that my girls are not really into coloring books? Well, today they very much were. They even colored during lunch.

Hannah is working on a storybook, so she has a collection of all of the pictures that she's colored today from four or five separate books and tomorrow we're supposed to make them into a book and she'll tell me the storyline.

When it got really hot this afternoon, I stopped weeding, grabbed some supplies, headed to sit under a shady tree and called the girls over to do something I've been wanting to do for awhile. I gave each girl a sketch book and a pencil and told them to draw something that they saw.

Hannah drew a tree.

Ainsley drew a boat. A big boat - on waves.

I was not really surprised at how enthusiastic the girls both were about the activity. What surprised me was how *studious* they both were.

I've never seen Ainsley sit cross-legged voluntarily before. That was cute. And her arms, and her face ... that's another part of our artsy day. Her sister is trying her hand at body art.

We had company.

The cat inspired a portrait by each girl.

Ainsley's -
Not bad for a two year old. She got the spots at least.

Hannah's -
Later she added a vole the cat was chasing and an apple falling on the cat's head.

It was my first time doing this and I'm a bit ... um ... too obsessed with detail maybe. I painstakingly finished one in the time it took them to joyfully draw three. I figured if I was going to put the girl's drawings up, I should put mine up also.

I need practice.

So today we put our first entries in our first nature journals.


Joy said...

Love all the drawings! We don't do coloring books either. My hubby swears they stifle creativity, and after having our kids told by one to many teachers to "stay in the lines", I'm inclined to agree. As evidenced by your kids drawings, a little imagination, a pen and some paper is all you need. :)

Sherry said...

nature journaling is very serious work, don't ya know. ;) I too was surprised by how focused Gerrick was when we started doing this.

It used to always been done at my suggestion, but now he'll suggest it himself--and it never fails to amaze me. :)

Love the boat and the tree!

green said...

I think it is neat that you sat and drew along with your kids... clever!

Is this a new talent you are developing or something you've been hiding from us ;)

Sarah said...

Joy, the coloring books just have never appealed to my girls. Even now, Ains only seems to be interested in them because her sister is. She gets soooo bored with them very quickly but can draw pictures for ten or fifteen minutes - a long span for a two-year old.

I feel the same way about coloring books as I do about cartoons. For most kids it seems that they're like sitcoms are for us - a way to just zone out. But for some they just spur imagination on, so they're a very good thing. I think that that's where being a present parent comes into it, you know? Being aware of what it is for your kid.

Sherry, that's so cute. Your son's darling.

Oh, Green... this is so not a hidden talent. lol This is a painful procedure. It was a real lesson to me to look at what I'd done at the end of the time and what they'd done. Not only that, but the attitude they'd done it with. So. Much. Judgement. tied up in my work. Absolutely no judgement attached to theirs.

I decided to do it with them because I've noticed that my kids stay interested in a new activity for longer if I do it with them. Which is why my world is expanding at such a fast pace.

Cindy said...

I like the artwork on Ainser's arms. The other pictures are great too. :-)

Stacy (mama-om) said...


My oldest son is really into drawing right now, but it is mostly stuff from his imagination. You've given us some inspiration.