Sunday, July 12, 2009

Snapshot Sunday 07-12-09

Just got back from a long weekend reunion-ing and we're tired. Sacked. Worn plumb out. So after everyone else went to bed and I'd cleaned out the car, I remembered it was Sunday and took this picture. I seriously thought about taking it from five different angles and calling it a night.

But I didn't. So here are four more.

Have a lovely week!

How it began.

Other snapshots -

Heart Rockin' Mama
dcart's joining us today!

If you're joining us this week, let me know and I'll add you!


Sarah said...

I always love your pictures every week. I thought about you yesterday and *almost* took some pictures but the kids were being so awful...I mean....spirited, that I didn't want to pick up any expensive electronics and have them turn on me.

Sherry said...

love the little birdies peeking through the chair rungs :)

~Leslie said...

Nice shots. We're on vacation, so upload our pics today.
we are participating regularly! ;-)