Friday, July 3, 2009

A strange thing happened on the way to Photobucket.

I was moving my pictures from the camera to the computer when the computer just shut off. No idea why. When I turned it back on, most of the pictures that had been in transit were unusable - simply icons with no details or image. So sad, so many fun pictures gone.

So. Here's what we have today - one snapshot of each of the kids. Three of the five pictures that made it.

(Sorry. It's what I had.)


Rinnyboo said...

Those sure are cute pics! Good thing you got those 3! It is heart-breaking to me when I lose pictures like that.

Stephanie said...

Sorry 'bout your pc problems! Hope you didn't catch them from me.

They're darling pics. :)

Get the other thing straightened out? (blogs)

Mama Teaching 2 said... them!