Saturday, August 1, 2009

Just think about something else.

That has been my daughter's advice. "You only want to scratch when it itches," says Hannah, "so don't think about it itching. I'll help you think about something else. How did you get it anyway? It looks so itchy."

I have hives. I have had hives for quite a few days now. They are not receding quickly - one of my legs looks (and feels) like it has red plated armor on it. My back is covered also, itching the worst in that little inch square that I can't scratch. An allergic reaction that is pretty clearly tied into freshly mown grass and didn't show up until after I turned 32. The itching got so bad last night that I was taking a cold shower at 3 am.

Distracting myself from it seems to be one of the best things for stopping the itch, just as Hannah suggested. Enter Ainsley and Grayson, my knights-in-shining-armor for the task (Hannah's visiting grandparents with her daddy).

The day started out with Grayson hitting me on the head with a curtain rod that I was supposed to put up in the girls room the day before. That'll teach me to procrastinate.

Then it slowed down with some cuddling and nursing and stayed slow for awhile...

and then got more interesting.

I really should double-check when Ains says she's put something away. She is, after all, not even three yet.

After that it was computer games and puzzles and laundry. The itching intensified during laundry, so we went back to puzzles, then stirring the ice cream in the freezer, then gathering eggs. Then dishes, more itching, so out to the flower garden for some posies for her and some weeding for me.

Then back inside to arrange them. With frustratingly enthusiastic help from a little brother.

(picture removed for editing)

(old spice bottles make fantastic little vases)

Then more computer games, and dancing to the beautiful music on the games (Poisson Rouge rocks, my friends).
Then tasting the almost frozen ice cream, which the cat thinks is yummy, even if it includes three different types of fruit.

It was yummy.

Very yummy.

A delicious treat for a hot evening. Evening came so quickly today, which is a great happenstance when you're covered in hives.

Then, when it gets dark, the porch light goes on and we go out on the driveway. Ainsley rides her bike, Gray rides his tractor, and Mother curls up in a chair with her laptop. Absolutely lovely evening. Ainsley points out the pegasus in the sky. I can't quite see it, but she sees it clearly. It has an Ainsley riding on its back and the Ainsley is wearing a skirt. I need to add that to my star chart, it seems.

Now they're both asleep, having worked hard distracting me all day. And the itch is coming back. I feel a cold shower coming on. And not a cold shower for a fun reason either. *sigh* I'm getting old.


Stephanie said...

Well, the day sounds like a Fine one - sans the itchies, of course.

My friend Aubrey gets totally grossed out :), because I use a butter knife to scratch the middle part of my back.
I told her I'll always use the same one from then on, just to make her happy. :)

Love the icecream.
And the rafabbed constellation.
And the helpful help.

Hope you're feeling better pronto!

Cindy said...

Have you put anything on that itchy skin? You sound a lot like I felt when I got into some poison ivy way back when I was 12 or 13. I highly recommend calamine lotion.

( )

Another great anti-itch treatment is oatmeal baths- google that and see if gives you some recipes. :-)

Hope you feel better soon! The ice cream does look yummy!

Katey said...

I love Hannah. "Just don't think about it." "Boy, that looks itchy." LOL! Your day sounds lovely, except for the hives. I hope they go away soon!

Rinnyboo said...

Awww....sorry about the itching! It's good to hear that you had LOTS of distractions though. ;)

I put up my snapshot sunday today (and last week but I forgot to link it).

Have a less itchy day!

Tuan's Princess said...

Ugh! I'm so sorry about the hives. Sending healing vibes your way.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh, poor, poor you...allergies and itching are NO fun. Are you taking benadryl? Are you on any other allergy meds? Have you considered an oatmeal bath? Ugh, it's enough to drive you crazy, believe me, I know!
Good thing you have those 3 cuties to distract you. :-)

sunnymama said...

Hope you're less itchy now :)

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Eek, sorry! I hope you're feeling better now!

And I LOVED your pictures, like always. =)