Sunday, August 16, 2009

Shapshot Sunday 08-16-09

How it began.



Lindsay said...

I love all the little footprints on the wall. Is there a story behind those? I am actually going to do this this week. I've been really slacking but I have the pictures and they're even on my computer, I just need to sit down and get them up. Meredith hasn't been napping so I haven't been getting much done but I can upload five pictures, I'm sure. ;)

renee @ FIMBY said...

sarah, thanks for commenting over at FIMBY. I really appreciate your kind remarks. I see you are also a fan of the other Sarah's Handmade Homeschool. Nice to see you "around".


Tuan's Princess said...

pretty winged horse

I'm up

Lindsay said...

I actually got it up! :) Here it is:

Rinnyboo said... chips....

I just put mine up! :)