Sunday, August 23, 2009

Shapshot Sunday 08-23-09

Coming in just under the wire today.

How it began.

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Heart Rockin Mama


RunninL8 said...

I love these quiet glimpses into other peoples lives!
So what happened to your huckleberries?!?! Weather not conducive? We don't get any here but we loved picking them in Montana!

Sarah said...

What sucked so bad was that the weather *was* conducive. Bumper crop this year, but they're in the mountains, we're in the desert, and we didn't have the gas money to get to where they are this year. So frustrating.

Lynna said...

Looks like you have the same fabric problem I do. Too Much!! And I keep taking what every anyone will give me. It's a terrible habit!!

Is that a green chile pepper - what variety. How many and how well did they grow. I always go home to NM to get some, but I was too early this year. If I could grow my own that would be great. Or if you could grow me 25 lbs a year that would be better. I'm not much of a gardener!!

5 orange potatoes said...

Funky pepper! Fabric overload here too, but in the thrifted sweater type of fabric. They are stored in bags right now where a mouse has enjoyed some. Icky Ugh!

Lisa ;)