Thursday, August 20, 2009

The sickies.

Poor Gray. He has the sickies. He spent most of his day in some variation of this position.

I wish I could do that when I was sick. Curl up and get comfort from someone I trust completely.

Between that and the hot, hot weather that drives us indoors, the girls have been discovering new computer games. Zoombinis was a surprise hit with Ainsley,

while Hannah explored JumpStart, Seymour Skinless, and Reading Eggs.

There's also been a lot of reading, cuddling, plays, pretend, and a game Hannah made up in the car today where she starts a story and we take turns adding to it (when it was Ainsley's turn, she had the main character boiling cheese, flowers, and grapes for lunch - she almost got herself kicked out of the storytelling, but saved herself by giggling so hysterically that Hannah didn't have the heart).

In the morning and evening we do our outside chores and get any outside playing in that we can, including the pony rides. Once the temperature soars to the high 90s and even to 100, I try to keep my redhead inside, which means I have to keep all of the kids in. This afternoon, she had too much energy, so we went to the garage and inspected our barn swallow friends.

Their chests are starting to turn brownish today - they were gray yesterday. It's startling how fast these little creatures grow up.

So we're staying busy, and our summer's flying by.


5 orange potatoes said...

What a cool nest? Is it mud?
So glad you're keeping that little cutie redhead in when the sun is so strong; being a fair skinned redhead myself that sun sure can cause painful problems.
I hope the little guy feels better soon! And I hope it cools down for ya. We finally have had a break in the heat and humidity today in Ohio.

Lisa :)

Lindsay said...

Funny about Zoombinis. Meredith has been showing an interest in playing on the computer recently and I installed that. I think it's still a little over her head at this point though. It was one of my favorite games growing up though! She loves Starfall though, which I think is a site you recommended to me. I hope Gray is feeling better soon!

gardenmama said...

I hope your little one feels well soon!
What an amazing nest!!
I love love the quote on your sidebar about being in the moment!

Sarah said...

Lisa, you're a redhead? Lucky you! I've always wanted to be a redhead - most of my siblings are redheads, I'm a dishwater blond with aspirations. None of my redheaded siblings got redheads, and I did!

That nest is made of mud and grass. It's amazing to me that they can build it strong enough with no bottom support. Very cool.

Lindsay, I thought Zoombinis was way over Ainsley's head - and most of it is, for sure - but I was surprised that she was so good at the logic puzzles.

Did I give you this link - ? AWESOME website for kids. No branding, constantly putting up new games, the kids are actively involved instead of starting to appear brain dead. I love that site.

Gardenmama, thank you so much! I absolutely love that quote too. I read it for the first time and had to stop and re-read it several times. It's wonderful.

Lindsay said...

Sarah, I have seen poissonrouge actually, and I think you gave me that one too. Kyrie was just talking about it the other day too so I had to go check it out and realized I'd seen it before. She's loving that one too so far!