Sunday, August 2, 2009

Snapshot Sunday 08-02-09

I can't remember if I sent you over to look at the update on the baby bird we found on the ground. Did I? My brain's going in too many different directions these days. If I didn't, go here.

Now for snapshots.

Cannot recommend this book highly enough. If you have kids, go check this book out.

A present from a sister. It's apple butter, chokecherry syrup, blackberry syrup, and apricot syrup. A box full of the stuff.

This one ties into last week's snapshots.

How it began.

Other snapshots -

SunnyDay Mama is joining us again!
Heart Rockin Mama


Heart Rockin Mama said...

It is somehow comforting to know than mine is not the only house in which one might find a juicebox taped to a wall!
And, btw, the pictures of your daughter and the birdie... Oh my!

sunnymama said...

Thanks for the cookery book recommendation! I'll check it out :)

Sarah said...

HRM, I know, right? lol The other day it was a glue stick lid glued to the wall. That one made me look twice.

Aren't those bird pictures wonderful? I felt so, so, *so* lucky to be able to capture those.

Sunnymama, I forgot to mention that that cookbook is a British cookbook. It's really lovely.

Anonymous said...

Great snap shots.