Wednesday, August 5, 2009

This post is brought to you by the color Orange.

Yesterday was a muggy, overcast day - the first in almost two weeks that was cool enough to hit a park during the day as Ains has been requesting (for almost two weeks). There just happens to be a park across the street from the library and Aunt Ria (It is how she's referred to at all times, so it has become her name.) and her kids were there, so that was the park we went to. I had business at the library after all (or rather, they had business with me - we got a library membership because it was supposed to be cheaper than buying books *sigh*).

Three hours at the park, one hour of that on swings. How do their bums not go to sleep?

Aunt Ria helped two of the girls figure out how to cope when there are three swingers and two swings ...
and she helped my Intrepid Explorer on his adventures.

To escape an interesting extended family that was gathering at the park, Aunt Ria took some of the kids over to play on some large rocks.

I stayed and swung the other kids that were with us and most of the kids of the family that was gathering at the park. I've never seen a family like that, but that's a story for another forum. Boy howdy.

We had a sporadic picnic lunch, bites grabbed between bouts of playing.

It's nice to hang out with someone who you can trust completely with your kids, and who your kids trust. I loved looking over and seeing this.

Then it was off to a few stores for supplies. Just Ains and Gray and me while Hannah stayed and played with her cousins.

We found some treasures in Michaels craft store (was there ever a more beautiful word than 'clearance'?). We were getting in the car when I snapped this picture.

My pirate girl and my backpack monkey having a sword fight.

When we went to pick Hannah up, my sister talked us into going to a sushi restaurant with her. (Pregnancy cravings for her. I just wanted to try sushi. It was gooood.)

Ainsley got her first crack at chopsticks. Very cute stuff. The next two pictures are horrid because of my over-active flash and then my absent flash, but still funny.

First you pick the sushi up with your chopsticks - use two hands if necessary.
Then, when you get it most of the way to your mouth and it starts to fall, you use any means necessary to get it the rest of the way.

It's worth it.

Then home to bed.
It was a long, fun-filled day.


Cindy said...

I miss my sisters! It looks like you had so much fun! Wish we lived closer.

Sarah said...

We missed you too! It's been a strange summer, not seeing you. I off-handedly mentioned to Hannah that we *might* come to your place in a few months (is it really that close?) and I have yet to hear the end of it because her "favorite cousin Patrick" happens to live with you. :)

Madeline Rains said...

What a cute pregnant aunt! I love your pictures.

Sarah said...

Isn't she cute?! She's all belly and still has a few months to go.

Kim said...

Great pictures, I especially loved the last one, awwww!

I had flashbacks of the "spider" when I saw your swings pic!! and your header now has me humming the theme song to Sesame Street! lol

Tuan's Princess said...

I really missed seeing you this year at the reunion Cindy.

Those girls had so much fun swinging that way didn't they!

That rock pic was after I said "make a funny face" Daniel apparently had more important play to get to however. lol

I'm actually still really, really upset about what the library did to you. Grrrrr!