Friday, August 21, 2009

Today we ...

Today started out with nachos - the latest and greatest gastronomic obsession of the littles.

Then chores - egg gathering, animal feeding and watering, inspection of garden for pests.

Flower gathering.

'Hello Pony' play.

Tea party set-up.

Cookies made specifically for a tea party.

Then the tea party.

Reading. Reading. Reading. And Reading Eggs on the computer.

Another casualty of too-hot-to-go-outside syndrome.

Girls taking a Reading Eggs break to play with fairy-ballerina-mermaids.

Flower petal sandwiches.


Jumping on the beds.

Play with Aradia.

Setting up a butterfly.

Checking the work.
Drop off huge box of items at the thrift store.

Go to the used book store next door.

Go to the WalMarts to pick up a kitty litter box. Hope I don't regret this.

"PRESENTING!!! An act with two kids on their bikes! You have never seen anything like it in your life! PRESENTING!!!"

Putting the goats back in their pasture, fixing the hole in the fence.

Eating dinner at twilight.

Watching Garfield now as we wind down.


Stephanie said...

Looks right to me. In a super sparkly sort of way.
Ain't life grand?

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Dang, I'm exhausted. What a day "we" had!! And I have so much to comment on!
Mmmm...nachos....also my favorite!
Love the "casualty" on the couch. Grayson certainly has the relaxed web-surfing position down, doesn't he? I wonder how many others will admit to being buck naked as they do it, though. snort.
Flower petal sandwiches? I'd prefer more nachos, please.
Neat butterfly - what a great idea. Did Hannah think of this on her own?
What an incredible bike show that must've been. *Had* you ever seen anything like it in your life? :-)

Sarah said...

Danni, I went back and forth on whether to post that casualty picture. Without any words that come up on search engines labeling it, I went ahead and went for it.

I'd been looking for a recipe on the computer when Gray needed a diaper change. In the middle of that, Hannah needed help in the kitchen so I ran in there to help her. When I came out and saw that, I laughed so hard. He looked so chill.

The butterfly is an idea off of a kid's running site. You run as fast as you can down the 'body' of the butterfly. When you get to the 'head', you can either go on the 'jog' wing or the 'walk' wing. It's good for getting five-year-old energy out.

And, no, I'd never seen *anything* like that bike show. lol I didn't put up any pictures of them standing on their bike seats.

5 orange potatoes said...

Yummy sweet corn and those flower petal sandwiches sound delicious!

Love the new header, pretty yellows and a pretty girl!

Lisa :)

Joy said...

your days always look like so much fun! :)