Monday, August 3, 2009

Visitors and owl pellets.

I had two friends from college visit today with their kids. This made Hannah's day, week, and, possibly, month.
That child suffers having a hermit for a mother.

Ainsley was friendly, but aloof, staying on the porch or in my lap the entire time.

That child takes after her mother.

Grayson surprised me by not only playing with Shannon, but even climbing onto her lap.

She wouldn't let me take a picture of him in her lap. She has a thing about pictures. Even when she's cutting my girl's hair, I have to crop her out. She's gorgeous. Why are we women so hard on ourselves?

And I got to meet this girl - older by years than the last time I saw her, so almost a whole different person - who is absolutely charming.

She informed me that she can talk to cats. She uses her ears and her hands. So sweet, and it appears that she's correct. She got one of the little nearly-feral kittens to cuddle up in her lap and purr like it was her momma stroking her.

But the visit had its awkward moment. After they came in the house, I was getting Shy Ainsley settled in the living room when I hear Shannon's voice from the kitchen. "Is this a bag of owl pellets on your counter?" Crap! Forgot to move those. Welcome to a homeschooler's house. Owl pellets on the kitchen counter.

The day we sold our house, I gathered up owl pellets from underneath their favorite tree. Have you ever seen owl pellets? I always pictured them as smooth balls of fur that you neatly dissected to find interesting bones. Not quite. They're ragged lumps of fur that have interesting bones popping out of them at all angles and fall apart if you don't treat them kindly.

Our dissecting a few months ago turned up these bones -

All little mice, though I was hopeful for some rabbit bones since there was a rabbit foot nearby.

When I gathered this last bunch up, there was something right next to one of the pellets that hinted at what might be in them -

So I'm on the lookout for bones of my cat's catnip mouse. That should be fun. Do you think owls get high from catnip?

I have some extra owl pellets, so here's an offer you'll only see on a homeschooling blog - if you want a few of these (I don't have a lot), email me your address at unprocessedfamily at gmail dot com. If you're one of the first few to email me, I'll send some your way!


Kim said...

Owl Pellets... where was this post last year? lol I have actually ordered owl pellets on line for my boys, we're saving them for a snowy day. Friends think I'm weird! lol

Lindsay said...

That's great. :) Meredith isn't old enough to appreciate that or I might take you up on it. ;) Maybe in a few years.