Thursday, September 24, 2009

Pie-uts, Katrina Daisy Petal, and an owl.

Danni asked me if Ains had had any special birthday wishes. She had. A doll with pink hair is what she wanted. And something pirate (she is a self-proclaimed 'pie-ut girl').

We give our children four things for each birthday.

Something they want.
Something they need.
Something to wear.
Something to read.

The want was obvious.

I'd been working on a doll with red hair, but she was adamant about the pink, so I gave it pink hair instead. She wuvs her. Her name is Katrina Daisy Petal.

The need was also pretty obvious if you've been watching the pictures of her of late - a hat of her own.

I'm not totally happy with it, but she is and it's the first hat I've made, so I'm cutting myself some slack (even if I did cut the brim too short. Grrrr....)

Something to wear was a skirt. Easy, peasy (if you don't count all of the gathering, which I don't or I'd go crazy) and such a sunny skirt for the beginning of fall.

Katrina Daisy Petal got a matching skirt.

Something to read was When Stella Was Very Very Small which was bought a week before her birthday, back in the good ol' days when she was still proud of being 'wittle'.

Luckily, the book ends with Stella becoming a big girl ("Like me?!?!?" says she), so we're good.

Also, siblings give to siblings. Hannah gave her a blanket that she worked hard on making for Katrina Daisy Petal. Luckily it was almost as big of a hit as the doll.

She stayed up late with me the night before Ains' birthday sewing the buttons on the blanket. She was falling asleep while she was stitching when she cuddled up to me and said "It's fun loving someone so much that you'll make stuff for them, isn't it?" Yes it is.

About the pirate something. We decided on the cake.

Everything on it but the pirates, chopsticks and sails, and licorice is edible. Who eats licorice? (Besides my husband and mother.)

The sailboat carries the captain of the pirate ship - a Pirate Girl. The only pirate Ains won't let Gray play with.

Hannah made a kick-ass pirate flag.

Here are some other snapshots of our day.

(See the pirate walking the plank? You can't see the pirate standing behind him with a sword. Ains put him there "or the otha pie-ut not go on pank." My girl's a bit bloodthirsty methinks.)

Thank you for all of the lovely birthday wishes!


Phyllis said...

That was SOME birthday cake!

Joy said...

That cake is SO cool! I'll bet Ainsley was thrilled. I love your method of gift-giving. Very mindful. Ainsley's a very lucky girl to have received such a thoughtful gift from her big sis. Hannah's quote was just amazing. How did you not cry on the spot?!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

I love your family's traditions for birthday celebrations! These will probably go with Hannah, Ainsley and Grayson when they grow up and are married and having families of their own.

I don't think the brim is too short.

Katrina Daisy Petal is lovely. Ainsleys doll/pirate theme just cracks me up.

And being a veteran (but highly untrained) theme-cake maker myself, may I just say WOW - that cake is awesome. Nice touch with the blue jello water - very, very cool.

Black licorice. Blech. My husband would gobble it right up.

What a great party - Ainsley is a very lucky girl!

Maria said...

Did you make that cake????!!!!

Ok - no more posting the cakes I make on my blog!

5 orange potatoes said...

Was the owl in your yard? Very cool!

What a fantastic birthday! I love the 4 objects rule. We might need to do that! The doll is so cure and since pink is in the red family, that counts. I love the skirt, seriously thought, it was easy....for a beginner?

Amazing cake, could never do that! What a delightful blanket made by big sister. So sweet!


Sarah said...

Oh thank you, Phyllis! It was a lot of fun to make.

Joy, thank you! Ains was excited about it. The birthday gift tradition is wonderful for not overwhelming ourselves or them on their birthday. Our homeschooling method allows much spoiling throughout the year, with supplies that answer their interests, so this tradition is a way of making their birthdays meaningful.

Danni, I hope this tradition does stay with them. It's a sweet one. I've *seen* your cakes. It makes your compliment all the more powerful! :) I wasn't sure if the jello would hold it, so that was fantastic when it did.

Lisa, you could so do that cake. It's just two cakes baked in loaf pans to make the shaping more solid and easier to achieve.

The skirt is very easy. I'll do a tutorial on it for you.