Monday, September 7, 2009

Rats and Cats.

We've had a lovely day. It's been overcast, so we've gotten lots of outside play in. A long, long horse and pony ride with cousins. Very fun.

Trampoline jumping.


Hose play. Tears. Discussions about not trying to spray the grass on the other side of your sister by spraying *through* her body. ("But, Mother, I didn't think she'd want her hair to get wet, so I couldn't spray it *over* her, now, could I?" Uh-huh.)

Trampoline jumping. Giggling. Forgiveness.


Throwing balls and rocks for the dog.

Shopping. Finding exciting embroidery options, cheap thread, and even cheaper buttons.

Freaking out just a tiny bit about red hair getting 'funky' in the wind.

Finding exciting toys on the cheap at the grocery store. Cats for Hannah, rats (RATS!) for Ainsley.


Playing with new toys.
For a long, long time.

Trying to feed said toys hummus.

Talking with Grandpa Rex.

Making dinner. Pizza casserole. A dinner that Hannah can make with only a bit of help with the hot stuff from me (well, the hot stuff and grating nine-tenths of the cheese - that gets boring you know).

Telling Grandpa Rex a hilarious joke.

Books with Daddy.



Stephanie said...

Sounds like a wonderful, typical day. :)
At first I thought it was Ains who was doing the spraying, until, "But, Mother... I didn't think she'd want to get her hair wet..."

kellyi said...

That sounds like a pretty lovely day :)