Tuesday, September 15, 2009

This week it was back to school.

I know that 'unschooling' or 'life learning' can seem obscure to the uninitiated. That it can be disconcerting to look at an unschooling family when you still think in terms of 'subjects' that life is broken up into. So I've tried to break the beginning of our week up into subjects for you.

It started out with Art.

And Writing.

Then came Gardening mixed in with English (limericks to be precise).

"Peter Piper picked a peck of pickled peppers."

The teacher was told to knock it off by her unimpressed students.

Then Economics. (The girls were selling the peppers and sunflower leaves to each other.)

Fast on the heels of Economics came Healthy Communication and Safe Interpersonal Relationships.

Then Logic, Math, English, Reading, and Art delivered in Computer class. During Lunchtime.

Then Architecture.

Then naptime for the youngest student who thought he was attending Demolition.

Physical Education (in the form of bike riding) to expend energy.

Animal Husbandry.

Theatre. In the bathtub with mermaid dolls.

Organization. (For some reason it became Very Important that all shoes were lined up in pairs on the table by the little one.)

Shop Class.



(Water and cement dust and rocks turning into a hard rock is magical. You can put this in 'Science' if you'd rather.)

Foreign Language. (via Rosetta Stone, Diego, and Kai-Lan)

More Botany. (Looking for more of this.)

Science. Entomology, if you must know.

Animal Reproduction. Again.

No Octomom jokes, please. My cat deserves better than that. (And this eight kitten litter has finally convinced my husband that it's worth it to spay a barn cat! I'm over the moon!)

Geography. And Prejudice and Tolerance. ("Mother, what's a Mexican?" "Someone who's from Mexico. We're American because we're from the United States of America. It's just the label for the country you're from." "Oh, I thought it was an insult." *sigh* For some it is, unfortunately. So we talked about that.)

More art.

And Grandparent's Day, of course.

After reviewing their day, I came to the conclusion that the only thing that they missed was recess.


Stephanie said...

What a fun-filled day!

I love that picture of Gray with the shoes.

Hope said...

LOVE it! Especially the architecture and animal husbandry. :) Very good with the "educationese" AKA the government's way of making fun and engaging activities sound complicated, pointless and boring.

Cindy said...

Nice. I had no idea what alchemy was. Also- holy cow... an 8 kitten litter?! Do you have friends ready to take some of those cute things?

Looks like a fun day all around.

AF Wife99 said...

What great pictures. Life is learning, isn't it!

Melody said...

Too fun! And thanks for stopping by my blog! :-)

Sarah said...

Cindy, most of them are placed. I'm being more picky with the females, for obvious reasons. It is such a big litter. And you know her, if she doesn't accidentally kill all of her kittens at birth, all but one or two are usually gone by the time they're weaned, and she's never had more than six before. Now she has her biggest litter and they're all surviving. It's a lot of kittens.

Simpson Home said...

And some people think staying home with the kids is boring. They are so wrong. What a wonderful day - I am so impressed that you take photo's all day long. Thank you. Kathy

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Great post! So much fun and love and learning going on! ("Fast on the heels of Economics came Healthy Communication and Safe Interpersonal Relationships"...snort!!!)
I'm so very behind in my blog reading, but I think I'll just spend the morning catching up with yours. I love how sometimes I feel like I'm in the same room with you guys...and smiling and laughing the whole time with you!
p.s. YAY for spaying! :-)
p.p.s. and I *love* Hannah's gold coat!

Sarah said...

Danni!!! So happy to see you back! And what a sweet compliment (about feeling like you're in the same room), thank you!