Saturday, September 19, 2009

We have a deal,

my sister and I.

One week I go over to her house and we do a project.

The next week, she comes over to my house and we do a project.

Sometimes we deep clean a room,

sometimes we work on a craft that needs to be finished,

sometimes it's just housework that one of us is drowning in.

This week it was canning pears at her house.

But it's while the two of us are working

(and taking tiny breaks every now and then to care for children),

it's then that the best stuff happens.

Our kids are becoming the best of friends.


Cindy said...

Do you write these posts to make me insanely jealous that you two live so close together?! I love it that your kids are becoming such great friends.

Tuan's Princess said...

Ok, I know I'm pregnant and hormonal but that post totally made me cry. Very beautiful!

Sherry said...

That is so, so awesome! I'm just about crying with jealousy.

5 orange potatoes said...

Oh no! I can't move to GA....I'd be leaving my sisters behind, my best friends! I love sisterhood! What a great deal you have with your sis. I wish my sisters had children. One isn't interested and the other's clock is "ticking" but is still single and would prefer to be married (good plan).


Stephanie said...

A fine plan, to be sure!
I love that last picture! So happy.

Joy said...

Sounds like a good deal to me! Although I think your kids have the best deal of all. :)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Your sister looks lovely! You are very fortunate to not only live close to her, but to have a wonderful relationship with her. This isn't always a given. Yup, very, very lucky you are. :-)

Heart Rockin Mama said...


Sarah said...

Cindy, we both wish that we lived closer to you. You can't get some sisters together without thinking of the ones not there.

TP - ((hug)) We had so much fun at your place!

Sherry, I wish I had more of an 'unschooling community', but having a family member so close that I have fun with is really wonderful.

Lisa, that's a drawback for sure. :)

Isn't that picture great, Steph? I had another one that was even *better*, but it was not so internet safe.

Joy, they really do. It's so fun to watch those relationships develop.

Danni, isn't she gorgeous? It's not just the pregnancy glow, but that doesn't hurt. :) I hear you on being lucky. I have a fantastic sister - also a great friend - who lives clear down in Arizona. And we have a sister who lives 20 minutes from each of us but is ... non-communicative. We don't take our situation for granted, that's for sure.

Katey said...

I wish I was your sister, and I wish I lived closer. I'm not pregnant nor am I a relative but that made me cry, too, Maria. I'm glad the two of you have each other and the cousins are so close. But I am extremely jealous!

Lynna said...

I'm the only sister that lives away!! I miss mine terribly!! Cherish those moments. I do get together with Clint's sis occassionally, and when we do it's loads of fun!!

Rinnyboo said...

Ahh...I wish my sister lived closer and our kids could be great friends too. I am glad that yours get to spend so much time together and that you and your sister are friends!

Oh, and I did my Snapshot Sunday:)