Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Yesterday ... Today.

Was too tired last night to post much, so here's our day yesterday.

The girls woke up and immediately started playing with their cats and rats.

Cats can be a bother at breakfast, though.

It was 35 degrees Fahrenheit early in the morning. It was 47 degrees when the girls were ready to go outside. They chose to stay inside, so we read for two hours.

Hannah even took a turn reading to Gray.

I've had these tactile type of books for both my girls, and they've liked them ok, but they are essential for Gray. I've doubled the number of books with interesting textures since he's started showing interest - he loves them.

Sometimes they even require getting up close.

When it was warm enough, the girls went out to the trampoline to play - with the cats and rats of course.
It was a game with rules to complicated for me to understand. Two rules I did get were 'If you jump on a rat, you have to sit down for an hour.' and 'If you jump on a cat it becomes rat protection for the next rat you jump on.'

Then cousins (different cousins than the day before) came over to play. All of the kids got two pony rides. One in the afternoon without saddles and a much, much longer one later in the evening with saddles. Very exciting stuff.

Lots of cousin play. My kids see these cousins every time they come to Grandma's house and think of them as an essential part of the visit.

Popsicles are essential.

That's as close to 'sit down to eat your popsicles' as you're going to get four kids.

Then, as a bonus, the cousins spent the night! So this morning they've watched some PBS (Sesame Street is not as good as I remember, but the song still makes me happy.) Now they're playing Bambino Dino, Harvest Time, and Granny's House. It's cold outside.

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Stephanie said...

I saw a rat today. !!!
Not near my house, thank goodness. :/

Are Ains' rats gonna eat Hannah's kitties?

A day of cousins is divine!! We get one on Friday. :)