Tuesday, November 24, 2009

All she wants for Christmas.

Hannah's been wanting to lose her 'two front teeth' before Christmas so that she can sing "All I want for Christmas" more authentically.

This meant that she was extra excited this morning when this happened -

It's not one of the top teeth, but it'll do.

She spent thirty minutes with Seymour Skinless learning more about her teeth. We love Seymour.

Then we made a pillow for her tooth to sit in while it waited for the tooth fairy.

She sang "All I want for Christmas" the whole time.

Now she's asleep and the tooth fairy's already come, collected the tooth and the note that she left, and left a note, a bit o' money, and an extra special present (it *is* the first tooth, after all) by her toothbrush.

The tooth fairy's very excited to see how she likes it tomorrow morning.


Cindy said...

So---- how did she like it? Congrats on losing the first tooth Hannah!

Maria said...

Wow! Congrats Hannah! Love the gift, tooth fairy!

Steven said...

Hope I'm not too late: www.iCaughtTheToothFairy.com

Happy Holiday's.

Sarah said...

Cindy and Maria, she loved it! She even took it with her to Wyoming.