Monday, November 16, 2009


Hannah and I were fixing her hair when she looked at me in the mirror and said "Are we drawings? On a tv show?"

You mean like a cartoon? I asked her.


So is everything we're saying to each other right now part of the cartoon?

Big eyes. "Yeah, I guess so."

So can we say what we want to or only what is written down? Can we decide what we want to do or is it all part of a cartoon?

"I don't know... .... I'll have to think about this." Big pause. "Do you think Homer and Marge know that they're just cartoons?"


We were sitting down for lunch with soup and sandwiches when Ainsley decided to proclaim our family a super-hero team.

Pointing around the table, she said "Gay and Daddy and you and that girl" (pointing to Hannah) "are a Us Team."

Me: "What's the Us Team?"

A: "Supah-hewoes."

Me: "Really? What is your power?" Blank look. "You need a super skill if you're going to be a super hero. What are you going to do? Fly? Walk through walls? Leap buildings in a single bound?"

Ains: "I paint buildings in one bound. With my tummy."

Matt: "You can be the Belly Blaster. What's Gray? The Super Pooper?"

Hannah: "No, that's you Daddy."

Matt: "Then what are you?"

Hannah: "I don't know. What am I good at?"

Matt: "Your super power can be charm. We'll call you Charm Alarm."

Hannah: "What's charm?"

Ains: "I BEWWY BASTTER!" Aims with her tummy.

Hannah: "Dad, you can be Super Worker because you're good at working. And Mother, you can be Super Lover. You're good at loving us."

Me, looking at Matt: "Is that my power? Super Lover?"

Matt: "Yes. But a super-hero costume wouldn't hurt."


Stephanie said...

Cackling over here. :D

Trev will say sometimes, "Maddie!! That Is Not In This Episode!!!"

And say something like "I'm always the star of the Episodes, Mom.... Everyone knows that, right??"

Makes me happy.

Sherry said...

BAHAHA--oh, i love it Super Lover! :)

Katey said...

"that girl." LOL!

Sarah said...

Steph, do you watch that new sitcom 'Community'? My favorite character on there, Abed, is obsessed with tv and talks about everything like it's a tv show. At the beginning of one episode, his friends ask him to lay off the tv show talk and he says 'I guess I can do that for one episode.' lol

Trev cracks me up. He is indeed the star of his episodes.

Katey, she kills me. When she's mad at Hannah, she'll call her 'that girl'. This is the first time I've heard her use it when she isn't upset with her.