Monday, November 30, 2009

Do you want your own library?

This site will not be good for you. And their fiction books (except for their kid's fiction books - Boo.) are 50% off for the next few days.

It's a site that sells books at closeout prices - sometimes, if you hit a good sale, for pennies. The problem hits when shipping is added. If you've spent $100 (don't judge) on books and gotten 61 books for that amount of money, you're feeling pretty smart - until shipping for those 61 heavy books hits. *gulp* (still, $133 for 61 books isn't bad - especially when they're quality books)

So, here's the point of this post. is having a Free Shipping Sale. From now until the end of December, you get free shipping if you live in the US (including Hawaii and Alaska) or Canada.


kate said...

girl, are you trying to make me broke???? ;)

Sarah said...

lol. I know. Isn't it divine?

I love your blog, btw. Very sweet.

Maria said...

oh I did not need to read that!! LOL

Monica said...

The only people I judge are those with not enough books - you're safe from me!