Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Dr. Dropo

A few weeks ago, Matt took the girls to a restaurant where a local college student was earning money by folding balloons for kids. Both girls came home with a kitty. Hannah stuck hers on a dresser where it would be safe ...

but talked Ains into letting her 'see how yours works'. Then Ains had a snake and Hannah was hooked.

The next time we went to town, we checked out "Dr. Dropo's Balloon Sculpturing" from the library and bought a big ol' bag of balloons and a pump (I am not signing up to blow up all of those balloons, thank you very much).

When we got home, we went to work.

Hannah wanted to make her daddy a dog. She worked and worked at it, and after seven minutes of frustration - we were still working the kinks out - she told her daddy "I think you get a worm."

But then it clicked, and she had it.

Her first balloon animal.

I was having to hold the twists for her while she made the next twists in the chain, but she was following the pictures herself and doing all of the work.

Then it was a squirrel.

Then a swan.

We got stuck on swans for awhile.

By then, all I was doing was blowing up and tying off the balloons.

Then she made her sister a giraffe - which was well-received the next morning.

And the easiest of all - swords.

These were also *very* well received by her little brother the next morning, but I don't have a picture of that. If a child moves even slightly while I'm taking a picture, it's blurry, and folks, that kid holding a balloon sword was moving more than slightly. He had his sisters on the run.

It's been a week now, and Hannah's used up the first bag of balloons and is working through her second. She's made flowers, fish, planes, lots of swords, variations on different four legged animals, and wants to do a parrot on a swing next. Ainsley made a collar for a cat. We had to have a talk about that one. Cygnus has learned that balloons pop if you bite them - as did Grayson. Mother has learned that a popping balloon isn't the end of the world (my leaning six inches away while she twisted the balloons was a never-ending source of hilarity for Hannah until I learned that). Father has learned to relax about finding balloon creatures everywhere and Hannah has learned to work with a trash can beside her for popped balloons.

And, thankfully, Hannah has Dr. Dropo to learn from - because I couldn't do more than a fish when we started.


Saberlowe said...


5orangepotatoes said...

VERY COOL! The girls would love this. Thanks for sharing the book.


Stephanie said...

How fun.
Go Hannah, go!
I love it when Good Life pops up like that.

Sherry said...

Thanks so much for this reminder! G asked for some of those balloons a few weeks ago when he saw someone making them on tv. I completely forgot. A pump & bag of balloons will be a great stocking stuffer! :) If he's waited this long (& apparently forgotten about it too), he can wait a few more weeks, right? :)

Michael said...

That's brilliant! Looks like loads of fun.

Does your camera have an action pre-set setting? It might have a little picture of a person running. (You might also have a setting called 'kids and pets' or similar; that works too.) That'll give you a faster shutter speed to help you take freeze-action shots. A flash helps too, if your kids can stand it.

Sarah said...

Lisa, the book isn't that great. It was the only one our library had at the time. It's ok, but not very imaginative. "Here's a dog. Now make the tail and face longer, and it's a squirrel! Now make the neck and legs longer and it's a giraffe!"

Michael, thanks for the tips - I'll try that out.

James & Jessi McCalvy said...

I noticed the balloon in the background of your crafty flowers post and wondered if she was also making balloon flowers. Now I know, it was probably a swan! :)

Cindy said...

Looks like a lot of fun!