Saturday, November 28, 2009

The past few days ...

have been spent reconnecting with cousins over balloon tying (how I missed a picture of the enormous 'pet shop' that resulted from this, I'll never know), reading,

and ornament making.

There was then last trampoline jumping of the season,

and searching in the mountains for the perfect Christmas tree.

We'll have our tree up earlier than usual this year, but I'm ok with that. I'm ready to start listening to Christmas music and watching Love Actually once a day until the season is over. Colin Firth, Bill Nighy, Liam Neeson, Alan Rickman, and Emma Thompson .... it doesn't get *any* better than that.


Stephanie said...

Will you still speak to me when I tell you I haven't seen it? I"ll have to check it out.

We're bout ready to take down the tramp, too.

Would have loved to see petshop. :)

Sorry to flood your blogger inbox with thousands of link posts! And thanks so much for your support for

Me said...

Looks like fun! I especially love the picture of the last trampoline jumping of the season... :)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

OHMYGOSH! Really???
Love Actually is one of my all-time favorite movies EVER. In fact, it's such an event in our house, every member of my family over the last few years has (jokingly) received their own personal dvd copy of it. The madness does need to stop, though, as I, myself, have been gifted 3 copies. :-)
My oldest was quite creative two years ago, though, and bought me a copy of the script/trivia book that's out there on the movie. :-) to you feel about Herb Alpert? ;-)

Joy said...

Looks like a great time! ;)

Kyre said...

Wow, you guys actually get to go into the woods to find your romantic! Here we get pre-cut trees from tree farmers :(

BTW, I sent you a PM on GP. Did you get it?

Sarah said...

Oh, Steph. You really need to see it. I predict that you will love it.

Right when you're about to take the tramp down, Madd gets hurt, huh? Bummer. Matt really wants to get a tramp - I wish it were in the budget.

Awww, Danni - I should have known you'd be a Love Actually fan. Love that it's such a big deal to you, also!

I (blush) didn't know who Herb Alpert is, so I googled him. The first song I found was A Taste of Honey - then Spanish Flea (my dorky husband loves that song) and Tijuana Taxi. I need an album of his - *loved* it. Thanks for the recommendation. ;)

Kyre, I didn't get it - I'll go look.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Might I also recommend the ultimate Christmas cd?
My boys and I have such a good time with Herb - and his is the first Christmas music we will play each year (beginning every December 1st). :-)

p.s. Which story is your favorite in L.A., just out of curiosity?

Sarah said...

OMG, Danni - I'm listening to that album right now ( lets you listen to each song once before you have to buy) - I love his rendition of Sleigh Ride.

Which is my favorite LA story? That's hard. Most of them are so good.

Colin Firth is ... well, he's divine (do you watch 30 Rock? One of Tina Fey's lines in the adoption episode is that she hid all of her Colin Firth DVDs because she didn't want the adoption agency to think she was into 'soft porn' lol). Emma Thompson's interpretation of a betrayed English woman is spot-on. Laura Linney's sadness when she gives up hottie for her sick brother's sake. Liam Neeson's worry for his step-son in the middle of his own grief (love the line where he says "What's her name - or 'his' name?") Bill Nighy is friggin' hilarious. Don't really love Hugh's storyline, but his dancing scene is funny. I like, but don't love Keira's or Kris Marshall (Colin Frissel's) storyline - though their portrayal of American girls' reaction to English accents is spot-on. (BTW, did you know that the three girls in the bar as billed as 'American Dreamgirl', 'American Angel', and 'American Goddess'? For some reason, that makes me laugh.)

Did I miss anyone? lol

I'd have to say Colin's storyline if pushed. That final scene in the restaurant. It kills me every. time. 'Just in cases.'