Monday, November 16, 2009

Yesterday we took a Snow Day.

It was necessary.

It isn't the snow. The snow is fun.

It's the 50 mph wind that comes along with the snow. You have to dress up really warm, run outside, play for maybe two minutes tops, get the obligatory first bite of snow ...

and then run back inside.

We looked for activities to keep us busy inside. Hannah wanted to do her sewing.

I did some of my own.

Gray played with his cars (natch) while Ains played her Little Mermaid game on the computer.

Gray went down for his nap and we got out the finger paints. When I was putting the plastic on the table, Hannah asked if they could paint on the floor instead. With Gray not around, we went for it.

It took a turn I didn't expect - but should have.

How did I not expect that?

Or this?
All those colors together make brown. I expected *that*. Hannah wanted to add more colors and see if that changed the brown. It was an Experiment.

A Hands-On Experiment.

Or a 'Body-On' experiment.

It's hard to carry a five year old under her arms up to the bathtub without her getting any paint on the walls. But I'm sure you expected that.

Clean-up was amazingly easy. Shower off.

After Gray woke up, and we'd fed our calves, we turned to games. Magical Creatures. In which the genie rode in a tractor. He'd kicked the satyr out.

Bambino Dino.

Old Spider and the Fly.

Which led to singing about a certain Old Woman with a very bad diet.

Then Connect Four and rediscovering Chess.

We made it through the Snow Day.

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Saberlowe said...

What are you sewing? Can't tell what it is from the pic, but it looks *really* cool! The paint party looks like A BLAST. You are one super cool family!