Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Felt Car Playmat to take along.

I'm not an original crafter. I'm no good at thinking up new and ingenious crafts that will take your breath away. I'm good at looking at ingenious crafts and getting my breath taken away, and I'm good at taking crafts I see and tweaking them to fit my style and needs. That's how this one was born.

This was born from two different crafts I saw online - a tiny fabric tic-tac-toe board to carry in your purse and a monstrously huge construction toy playmat.

This one is about 12 inches around - I used the largest mixing bowl I had to draw the circle on some white felt. Then I added some felt and embellished it.

Apple tree field.

Corn field. (Not a field of lily pads like my husband thought. Where on earth would you find a field of lily pads?)

A pond with cattails, boat, and waves. No lily pads.

Sheep in a field. Went a bit french knot crazy here. Also, they're not really clear - my husband thought they were bushes. Also, my sister couldn't tell what they were - she didn't even get bushes from it, she didn't have any idea *what* they were.

Motorcycle track. A road was taken out here and this substituted at my husband's request.

Ainsley's favorite thing is the flower filled turnaround in the center, Hannah's favorite part is the apple trees. Gray likes running over the sheep.

Then I backed it with some fabric from my stash, finished the edges with bias tape and bias tape loops and threaded a bias tape drawstring through it.

If I had had the tools, I may have finished the edges with bias tape and then put grommets in and threaded a drawstring through those.

All finished with 3 little cars from our toy box.

Ready to throw in the purse.

Perfect for any place - like gymnastics class - where you need some longer distractions.


Cindy said...

This is absolutely awesome! You are so patient to make all those french knots. I love your tiny sheep. :-)

Stephanie said...

I'll be linking to Growing Naturally again. :)

Joy said...

Wow, this is awesome, Sarah! Finn would freak out. I might have to make him something like this (after Christmas when I have time, of course). :) Thanks for the idea!

Sarah M. said...

That is an awesome idea!! I think I might make something similar. Thanks for the inspiration.

Maria said...

Great post! I still think that you should make up the pattern and sell it on youcanmakethis dot com!!

Hip Mountain Mama said...

This really is awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

trixi said...

Hi Sarah really love the way you made your car play mat. It's awesome! I think it was probably my tic tac toe game you originally saw. It's amazing to see how other crafters take ideas in different directions.

Sarah said...

Trixi, thank you for reminding me! I was racking my brain, trying to remember where I'd seen that! I've linked to it in the post now.

Lavendilly House said...

What a fabulous idea - I shall be putting it on my christmas list for next year's presents to make (I am starting early). I wish I had seen this before christmas this year!!

Another thing you could do is to add button holes around the outside for the drawstring to go through. Unless you use really grommets, they tend to come loose after a while, but I do like your bias binding solution.

Cheers for the idea...I'll be posting a link to this on my blog for sure.

Renée M-B. said...

Hi. Love this idea. Saw the link to it on my friend, Jen's blog. Great gift idea. Like Jen, I'm starting my hand-made Christmas gifts earlier the two weeks before, this year. :-)

Kimara@weefolkart said...

This is great, Sarah. Trust me, in crafting, there are very few genuinely "new" ideas. We all learn from one another, get inspired, and make changes to meet our needs. That is the beauty of all the crafting blogs out there! Thanks so much for sharing this on WFA's Facebook page. I know many of our readers will really enjoy this!

Ritadaisy@twolittleseeds said...

wow, just got this link from weefelt's facebook. I LOVE THIS! what a cool idea. i will have to bookmark this! how cool is that? thanks xx

Anonymous said...

hi! just found this tutorial (it was linked from somewhere but i can't remember..!) while looking to see if it was even half possible to make a playmat myself.
I suck with the sewing machine but i'm going to give it a go.

Mermaid's Purse said...

Can't believe I've not spotted this before ......... it's lovely and very inspiring!