Friday, December 11, 2009

On today's schedule - a homeschooling website recommendation.

Break open my Janice VanCleave Big Book of Play and Find Out Science Projects and do an experiment. Document and post that experiment here to hopefully win *another* Janice VanCleave book. Very exciting!

You see, my favorite homeschooling blog, yeah, that one, the one I reference all of the time has opened up a new website for all of her resources. Her crafts, website recommendations, science experiments, they're all on one page and indexed for *really* easy look-up.

You know you're going to be attached to a homeschooling website that has lists of websites for Nature Studies, Science Experiments, Virtual Fieldtrips, and Websites for Children (broken down by subject matter and age) right there for you and easy to find. So handy.

And now, the first sponsor on her blog, Janice VanCleave, is giving away three of her books - THREE! - to readers who submit an experiment from one of her books. Since it's not a 'best experiment' contest, there's very little pressure and I as a mom of three kids can do it without stressing. Again, so handy.

So, let the experimenting begin!


Simpson Home said...

I want to know what you do for your experiments and how they turn out! Go Science! Go Team! Go Family! We're rooting for you to win the books- and it sounds like so much fun.

Stephanie said...

That gets you two official entries! :) Even before your experiment!!! lol.
Thanks so much, friend, for the kind words and enthusiasm.
I got the three books today - she sent me copies, too, wasn't that so generous??
Plan to look through them and share what they're about.
xxoo Steph

kellyi said...

Thanks for the link - I have now become a follower of Ordinary Life Magic.

(Also - have bought Magical Creatures for my son as a christmas present because it looks so great on your blog.)