Tuesday, December 29, 2009

They say...

After fifteen Bear Hunts, Hannah decided that we were going on a fairy hunt, we were gonna catch a miniature one, what a beautiful day, we weren't scared! When we found the toadstool ring, I pretended like she'd turned me into a newt and fell on the bed. Ainsley landed beside me with an exclamation of "She turn me into polar beer!" Then Hannah landed with a "She turned me into a coati!"

Strange little child.


Me: (holding up a small pair of underwear) Hannah, these were in my pile, but I don't think they're mine.

H: "Why not?"

Me: Well, they're size 6. I don't wear a size 6.

H: (giggling) "No. You wear a size Weeble Wobble."

Was that strictly necessary?


Hannah: "Ainsley, are you confused? We're not going to a costume party, we're going to a ball. And balls are not for fun, like costume parties. They're where you find your love for the rest of your life. You need to wear a fancier hat."


To follow that last one ...

Hannah walked by me singing a song that sounded like the "Dreams are a wish your heart makes" song from Cinderella. I was just about to give up any hope of raising feminist daughters when I heard what she was singing to the tune.

"Dreams are what your heart wants, when you want something bad. If you want it, you have to dream of it, but don't forget to work and work and work hard for it. Then you'll get it. If you woooooooorrrrrrk! And dream. But mostly work."

And I was happy.


Sherry said...

I'm cracking up. :D

MamaTea said...

Super cute. Love the underwear one. Much like my sweet little boys who said a couple days ago "Mom, you must be growing another baby in your tummy because its getting bigger." To which I replied, "No, I just ate too many cookies in December. Thanks for noticing." :)

Cindy said...

Size Weeble Wobble. I think I wear that size too.

Miranda said...

Priceless. Now I'm happy, and they're not even my kids. Thanks for sharing.

trixi said...

Now I know why you don't send your kids to school...you want them home to keep you entertained!