Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The dolls are back in town.

We got some cute dolls to go with our dollhouse. Not fancy, but cute. But not princesses. The princesses have taken over the doll house.
Ainsley's favorite dolls are these rubber Disney princesses that we got when they went on clearance. Not what I pictured my daughter playing with a few years ago when visions of wooden, handmade, or cloth toys danced in my head - before my daughter's own desires got in the way. As of right now, the brand means nothing to her - just princesses.

The dolls we got her, they're polite. They're good tenants. They don't make a lot of noise. Family people.

The princesses are a whole 'nother story. They party. They look all sweet when they show up at the house - look at how proper they are -
but they party hard.

I walked in on a hot tub party once.

And Disney princesses party differently than us. Instead of lampshades on their heads, they have birds. You don't even want to know how drunk she was when I took this picture.

When I go to clean up, I find three of them crashed on the couches while the woodland creatures they invited are making a mess, crowding out my cute wooden family dolls.

Belle's in the shower - fully clothed. That must be a heck of a hangover. Unicorn juice'll do that to you.

Snow White's on the toilet - at least her head's not in it. Maybe she didn't party as hard as the others.

I was laughing about how at least these are Disney princesses, so there wouldn't be bras hanging from the chandelier. I'd forgotten that somebody invited Ariel.

It's really not surprising that Ains has to be doing repairs already.

This isn't the dollhouse play I pictured. It's better. As Steph says, it's nice starting the day with a free smile.


MamaTea said...

Absolutely hilarious post!! It is nice to start the day with a free smile..and its nice to end the night with one, too. Thanks!

Christina said...

I just ran across your blog, and I have read a bunch of old posts. We are an unschooling family, too. I have a boy and girl, twins, three and a half. I love reading about other unschooling families, especially with kids in the same age range as mine. You guys look like you do so many fun, interesting things together. It's fun to get ideas of interesting things to do from other unschoolers. I look forward to reading more posts. Take care!


Katey said...

That was a great post. Was it Ainsley who had all the Barbies on the couch with one Ken in the middle of all of them?

(side note- those rubber princesses are the worst for getting the clothes on and off of.)

Maria said...

I love it!

What kind of juice were they serving at that party?!

Sarah said...

You're welcome MamaTea. Just passing the smiles back to you that I get when I read your blogs. :)

Christina, so nice to 'meet' you! Welcome!

Katey, it was Hannah who did the Barbie arrangement if I remember right. And those rubber dresses are the bane of my sister's existence. She *hates* them. They are difficult to get on and off - nearly impossible for little ones to do by themselves.

Maria - I don't even know. I think the dwarves helped Mrs. Potts mix up something special for them.

Darcel said...

This post had me cracking up. Of course hubby and the girls had to come see what I was laughing at.

The rubber princesses are very cute,but like you said, they party hard.
Thanks for the smile and laughs.

Cindy said...

Too funny. You know those princesses have always been known to be party animals. Love the hot tub party. They must watch "The Batchelor" too.

kimmie said...

you are such a gift - i swear, i have never laughed so hard. :)