Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Right this minute.

Miss Spider is making carrot stew.

Ainsley is doing some home improvement.

Don't worry, she's barely tapping.

And Grayson ...

I've got no idea.


Stephanie said...

Love Gray's business. :)

I've been thinking of you in the mornings.... Maddie gets up first thing, and asks me (very quietly, lest she awakens her brother) "Can I play Trevy's ds?" :)
Much like Ains' liberty-taking when Hannah was Out.

Sherry said...


Gray's photo seems very familiar to me. ;)

MomCO3 said...

We just enjoyed this book from the library-- and I think his idea of wearing gloves & a hat to read it MOST appropriate.

eidolons said...

I found you through Ordinary Life Magic and I just had to comment. My oldest son's name is Grayson and it always tickles me to find other little Graysons out there.

Darcel said...

Everyone doing there own thing. How sweet. Grayson is getting so big!