Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Always a day behind.

And today won't be any different. I'll tell you about today's fun tomorrow, when my eyes aren't glassing over from exhaustion.

Yesterday my sister and I went to a small market in the area. The girls bought mini-cheesecakes from a sweets vendor which they thought was tons of fun (mini-cheesecakes are fancy and Hannah's still trying to teach Ains the importance of that) and Gray had several mini-meltdowns. Being away from home isn't as carefree for him as it was for his sisters at the same age.

Then, when the cousins got home, we went to a World Market. Such a fun store. Hannah and I found some ideas for lighting in the kid's flower garden this summer.

Wouldn't those be pretty? Everyone kind of gravitated to the international chocolates aisle and milled there for awhile. I got some early Easter supplies and a sweet little mini-globe that I would like to have floating around our house.

When we got home, the kids went directly to the trampoline in the back yard without passing Go or collecting $200 (not that they would have had much of a chance of that had they tried). This is where they get rid of so much of their energy. I tried to get some pictures, but they were getting rid of a lot of energy.

The girls are so good with Gray in there. All he wants to do is run in circles as fast as he can, and if he can do that while they're bouncing around him, it's all the more fun.

Let me show you one of my favorite views since I've been here. From my sister's patio, you can see an orange tree in the yard behind hers...

and a lemon tree a few doors down.

We don't have local citrus in Idaho.


Joy said...

Love the lemon tree! We don't have citrus here either. It might be a good thing though. I'd probably have mouth ulcers from all the acid if we did. :) Such cute shots of them on the trampoline. Our neighbors used to have one and Finn did the same thing, run in circles incessantly!

Stephanie said...

My sister (a few miles north of me) has a lemon tree in her sun room.

We're sooooo gettin' ready for the tramp. Ordering a whole new set of springs tomorrow.
They say they'll last ten years, I'm hoping for three or four. They don't know us, do they?

Kyre said...

Oh, how I would kill for local citrus! My sister has clementine, lemon, and lime trees in her yard in south California. I wish I could truly live within 100 miles, but here on the damp, soggy coast of BC I might die without citrus fruit and avocados.

mandy said...

this reminded me that i have a couple of world market coupons to use tomorrow! yay!