Sunday, February 21, 2010

And on the second day ...

we drove six more hours. We filled up the car at this gas station ...

which caused Ainsley to become very sad when she realized that they sold gasoline and not pegasuses. (Pegasii? What's the plural of pegasus?) She wanted one.

We got to Phoenix. The kids discovered cousins, a trampoline, a balance board, a keyboard, and dolls.

And it was good.

And I rested. I may have snored. I know Ainsley did.


Farmgirl_dk: said...

Glad you made it safely!!
I hate false advertisement - that gas station should be ashamed for advertising that lovely, red, flying horse on the outside of that tank without having one to sell cute little girls that happen by. I hope you complained, mom. :-)
Happy for you that everyone slept better! Have a great time!!

Oh, and HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SARAH!!!!! ♥ ♥ ♥

Sarah said...

Thank you, Danni! 33 today.

Ains really was very sad that there weren't red pegasuses there for sale. Made me smile.

Kim said...

I found your blog through my sister (OLM) and I just have to tell you: Your header is the most precious picture I have ever seen!!! What a cutie!!!

Lynna said...

We might think of trying to make the trip together sometime. I go 4 hours past Phoenix. Lately I've been going through Nevada. 12 hours to Vegas, then 8 to my moms!!

catcreek said...

It was your birthday yesterday?!
Mine was the 20th. No wonder you seem like such a kindred spirit. Pisces unite!