Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The last few weeks have been...

Meal inventions.



Sending off the last of the Christmas presents. (I blush.)

Doing crafts sent as Christmas presents by friends.

Oh, yeah. Tattoos.

Discovering 'clicker training' for dogs. Consider saying that it doesn't work on tiny dogs just to head off the inevitable chihuahua talk. But I don't. My honesty is rewarded by thirty minutes of chihuahua talk.


(Please note how many pictures she's wearing that fairy dress in.)

Dollhouse play. Constantly.

Throwing puzzle pieces. Putting puzzles together. Hiding puzzles.

Making marshmallow crackles for sore throats.

On a completely unrelated note, lots and lots and LOTS of reading.

X-Men Evolution. Scooby-doo. Musketeers. Smurfs. TV does not affect my kid's imaginations, no sirree.

Crafts. Glue on the carpet. Exercises in patience.


Doctor visits for Mother. Again. Hannah sharing results of said visit in a random conversation. Luckily it was with my sister. Hannah is banned from future doctor visits. Just kidding - she's the one the secretaries want to see, I don't think they'd let me come without her.

Making a Gargamel trap.


Organizing. Discovering 'new' toys, games, and dress-up clothes in said organizing.

Chocolate chip banana bread. Heaven.

Chess for some.

Throwing chess pieces for others.

ABBA. As loud as we can get it. Same for George Strait.

Gymnastics. Cousins. Library. No craft store - Mother's practicing self-control.

Elaborate tea parties to which *everyone* is invited.

Mice mysteries - mystified. (That's the first post - it's an ongoing mystery.) Babies born - thrilled. Babies born dead - so much sadness. Babies still in utero - hope.

Hannah lost another tooth. She is beyond excited because now she can say "Sister Susie sitting on a thistle" with an authentic lisp. It's beyond adorable.

Sleep overs.

Chasing Grayson around the house to make him giggle.

Looking at fossils. I'm vindicated for making Matt move "a big box of rocks" from house to house for years.

(Vindication deserves two photos, don't you think?)

Berry picking.And - most exciting of all - Gray up and decided he was done with diapers one day. So we're done. At home he's completely reliable during the day and is reliable at night as long as I wake up when he tries to wake me up to get his diaper off and get him on his little potty. When we're out, he's completely reliable as long as I watch for his 'need to pee' signals and put him on the toilet anytime we're in there for anyone else. So that's fun.

When my illness catches up to me, blogging falls by the wayside and what you see above is pretty much what I concentrate on, so I disappear for awhile. Thanks for sticking around until I get my head above water again.


Stephanie said...

I wondered if you were sick, 'cause you didn't call to say you were coming to the museum. :( Sorry!! oof.
Sounds like everything is fabulous, though.

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Cute pics!
I'm sorry you've been so sick! Bleh! I hope you start feeling better.
BTW, what are marshmallow crackles?

5orangepotatoes said...

Busy, busy little bees.
Hooray for no more diapers!!!!
Feel better. Being sick is no fun!

Maria said...

mmmmmmm - must get the m. crackels recipe from you again!

oh - and you are hereby required to share all post-Hallowe'en sale finds! We need new fairy wings.

Lynna said...

Marshmallow crackles?? How do they help throats?? My kids are dry all the time from our woodstove. Still have yet to find an inexpensive "working" humidifier. sorry you're sick. Hope all is well!! Hooray for the no diaper days!! What a moment. Time for another one??

Cindy said...

Love the update! I need to call you! We have a message on our answering machine from Hannah that I can't bring myself to delete. So cute!

One of these days I'll update my blog too.