Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"It's too bad we don't have any alcohol in the house."

So began our leprechaun trap adventures this year.

Last year Hannah really got into catching leprechauns. The story started here and finished here. I was hoping that this year both girls would be excited about doing it again because it was so much fun. Hannah showed absolutely zero interest - she had me convinced that this year she wasn't interested - and Ainsley ... well a leprechaun isn't Batman, a pirate, or an X-Men character, so he's not that 'awesome'.

Then yesterday afternoon, out of the blue, Hannah said "It's too bad we don't have any alcohol in the house."

"Why do you say that?" After all, I'm not at all used to my six-year-old sounding like she's jonesing for a drink.

"Well, if tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day then we only have one more night to try to catch a leprechaun. Remember how leprechauns like to get drunk? If we had alcohol, we could catch him easier. All we have is this pretend wine," showing me the fancy soda we got on a killer deal at World Market, "and he can't get drunk on pretend wine."

Then the trap building started. As she put it together she kept asking things like "How far apart are leprechaun's legs again?" (she's making a ladder) and "How drunk do you think he'll have to be to not be able to get out of the jar?" She put a little wooden treasure chest in the glass jar to fool him into jumping in there.

Then she left him a big drink of soda in the smallest cup she could find - the door to the toy room got locked somehow and I haven't found the desire to take the knob off to open it yet, so the itty bitty cups were out of the question - and went to bed.

It definitely wasn't as involved as last year.

This morning - very early (she was very excited) - she found the cup tipped over and most of the soda gone. The leprechaun had gone too. The soda hadn't been powerful enough and he'd kept his wits about him enough to tie his rope to the ladder to lower himself in. When he found out that it was fake gold, he climbed back out, but popped his gold buttons off on the way and left them there.

We're all wearin' green over here today. Have a wonderful St. Pat's day!

ETA: Wanted to add one of our St. Paddy's Day treats to this post so I'd remember to do it next year. So much fun, soooo easy to do with little kids, very easy clean-up, and incredibly cute (and yummy).

Just get regular pretzels, stick pretzels, white chocolate, and green sprinkles. Spread out wax paper. Melt the chocolate. Turn your kids loose to make shamrocks.

Or lollipops.


mandy said...

we got that italian soda and used it to toast he-man for his birthday! it was yum.

Cindy said...

So cute! Love that the leprechaun lost his buttons!

Serene is my name, not my life! said...

Oh my goodness! Such super cute ideas!! I'll have to remember them for next year!