Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Spring is in the air.

Saturday we had cold but windy weather - good for the first bike ride of the spring.

(Don't recognize that dog? Go here for his story.)

On Monday, we got our first en plein air experience of the year, though it was sketching and not painting. Very satisfying for all of us. Hannah, as always, drew from her imagination. Her page was filled with images of her future chihuahua playing on the lawn, chasing birds, and running beside her bike.

(Matt's trying to fix our grill - hence the grill door on the porch beside them.)

On Monday, the kids did not come in the house for more than five or ten minutes at a time until nightfall, the warm weather was that enticing.

Tuesday morning we woke up to a half-inch of snow on the ground and lots of wind. The girls decided that it was a good day for popcorn.

And reading - lots of Calvin, Batman (Ains' new love), and animal fact books.

Max and Ruby dvd, Poisson Rouge website.

And the jumphouse.

And, instead of en plein air painting, it was 'at kitchen table' painting.

Or for Gray (who showed his first interest in actually painting), 'with bare butt' painting.

For those who have sharp eyes, you may be noticing that my girl's outfits aren't changing much from day to day. We've hit that stage where each has found a favorite outfit and rarely changes out of it. This does save on laundry, but it pushes laundry time to during the night while they're asleep, so it's a trade-off.

While the kids painted, I got a few more rows in on my hammock.

Last night we had a family meeting to discuss our next family vacation. Hannah wanted Hawaii, but she'll settle for dinosaur bones, Ainsley wanted lots of hotels, and she's not willing to settle for less, Matt's wanting the Oregon Coast, I'm aching to meet some wonderful friends that I've never met 'in real life', so I was wanting the East Coast during the time that they both meet there. Budget constraints did in Hawaii, lots of hotels, and the East Coast, so Matt's Oregon Coast looks like it's winning out. We're looking into dinosaur bones sites out there and I'm trying to figure out how to stretch our travel to meet some other fantastic, beautiful, lovely, wonderful online friends.

In the meantime, we're settling for using the map as a pirate 'scope (that can, surprisingly, only see other pirates).

Today's sunny but windy, and we've gotten an email from the library saying more of Ains' Batman books are waiting for us, so it looks like a trip to town is in the cards for today.


Stephanie said...

And wait - short sleeves!?!
we havena had that yet!
Soon! :) I hope.

Lynna said...

Wow, a hammock?? That sounds ambitious!!

Chris said...

My son and daughter are super into Batman books now, too. I think they're about the same age, too. They'll turn four in about six weeks.

Sarah said...

Oh, Steph. It's bouncing in and out here, but we're taking advantage of the warm when we get it.

Lynna, it takes awhile, but is so much easier than you'd think!

Chris, I didn't realize your kids were so close in age. They're only four or so months older than Ains! And they are *cuties*!

Maria said...


Don't forget, you promised to help me learn to make a hammock too! :o)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

How did I miss this post - Google's acting weird, it only just now popped up in my reader. Hmmm... I like Matt more and more. The Oregon Coast is a GREAT place to go for vacation. :-)
:-) :-)
And if you pick either Seaside, Cannon Beach or Tillamook...well, some people only live, about 50 miles east of those points. Just sayin'.
The gorge is quite a bit further, but one of my favorite places in the world. I wouldn't mind meeting "the Matron". lol

The hammock looks incredible. Why do you wear gloves to make it?
Hannah's jump-house-hair *cracked* me up.

Sarah said...

Tillamook's that close, Danni? Matt was looking at that area.

The hammock knotting reauires you to tighten each knot as you make it, which really rubs the skin raw if I'm not wearing gloves. I can move almost twice as fast wearing gloves and I swear a lot less. :)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Could you elaborate on "that close"? If you mean that close to *me*, the answer is yes. 53 miles to be exact.

Sarah said...

Yes, that close to you. I highlighted you in 'other' and Matron in 'wonderful'. I'd like to meet up with either one of you!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Yes, I noticed this.
I was wondering whether to be offended or not. lol
Why couldn't I have been under "incredible" or "too great to miss"? ;-)

Sarah said...

lol - I hadn't even thought of that. Don't be offended. I changed it for you. ;)

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Ha, ha... you spoil me. :-)
Have you investigated the John Day and Fossil, OR areas? There's a huge hill behind the baseball field in Fossil that you can dig for (and find) real plant fossils. And all along the highway there are interpretive trails with models and signs and cool dinosaur stuff.