Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Yesterday was a full day.

A little girl was reminded that spring does not equal summer.

And then there was dog walking.


Bracelet making.

Guess Who.


School. Our lesson today was on grasshoppers. Our teacher is strict.

More seed starting.

Chicken responsibilities.

Then to the library for a puppet show and reading.

And park play, where Gray finally decided that slides were fun and not scary.

Craft time with a cousin while the moms collaborated in the kitchen and checked on them occasionally.

The craft turned out cute, though it was a bit too much for even Hannah. They made it through the pot of gold, the shamrock, and a few lines of the rainbow before they ran off to play in another room and we finished the rainbows for them.

Then home again, home again for reading books with Daddy before he left on a business trip.

Now on to today.


Stephanie said...

Here's to today!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

OMG - your day just went on and on and on...and all the cool things you did...wow. As I kept reading, I couldn't believe we were still on the same day. I was completely exhausted at the end..you are amazing! What an incredibly rich life you are giving your babies!

Oh, and please tell me one new thing you learned about grasshoppers. Make your strict teacher proud, now. :-)

Sarah said...

Off the top of my head ... One thing about grasshoppers ...

"Grasshoppers are a species that eat plants in your garden. Luckily, there is a species called praying mantis and a species called chicken that like to eat grasshoppers. Therefore, until you have pet praying mantises, you should catch all of the grasshoppers you can find and feed them to your chickens."

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Nice! If strict teacher isn't impressed, I sure am. :-)
I learned last summer than my hens LOVE grasshoppers and scurry after them as they hop through the long grass.

Chris said...

Sounds like a wonderful day! I love days like that. My husband went away on a business trip this evening. I try to keep our days really busy, then, otherwise they mop around a lot missing him.

mandy said...

what a great day!