Tuesday, April 13, 2010

It was a science kind of a day - plus we went outdoors.

If I had to classify most of our days around here, I'd say they were artsy kind of days, full of dancing and singing and crafting and pretending. But not yesterday.

Yesterday had a very scientific feel about it. It started out while I was milking the goats and Hannah asked me how the goats make milk and if we fed them chocolate, couldn't that make them make chocolate milk? Makes sense, with the way I explained it to her.

Then we came inside and while I made macaroons, she and Ains made their own special candy using anything that looked like it would be good. Cinnamon sticks, sugar, chocolate chips, salt, candy sprinkles, soy sauce, lemon juice and baking soda.

Lemon juice and baking soda.

That was science right there. Bubbly candy!

Then, as I was doing dishes, I hear 'Let me move it farther your way. Now get on it. We're balanced now!' - on the teepee poles.

Then playing a new game that we just got.

And then again and again. With Ainsley putting lungs on feet and noses on shoulders and kidneys on knees. Lots of giggling.

Gray putting a screwdriver in every screw he could find around the house.

After dinner we opened the big ol' box we got from Home Science Tools.

That was exciting.

Those, my friends, are dissection boards. Dissection boards. I don't dissect. I tell myself I'm morally opposed to it, but it may just not be my thing. I certainly feel morally opposed to it. So the cow eyeball, crayfish, and snake that are sitting in bags on my table? The girl's father can help them with those.

But we got other things too. Things like scales and weights.

And so much more. A portion of our homeschooling budget, well spent.

It was rainy, cold, windy, and snowy. SNOWY. Apart from chores and horse riding we didn't get outside much. But I'm participating in the Outdoor Challenge, so I'll document what we did do. There was dog training to be done,

and pushing around wheelbarrows.

Very important, that.


Goodwife said...

Tee hee, shorts and a heavy coat! Too cute! I see that Butterfly is still around, getting bigger and more beautiful every day! ;)

5orangepotatoes said...

What a fun day! I couldn't dissect either, I agree it's the hubby's job. Love the boots and shorts, that's my youngest's look these days. She had outgrown her tennis shoes, I did get her some today though. Glad you all still got out!


Lindsay said...

Wow, that all looks really fun. I'm going to have a look through the links at the science kits and such you have. I'd love to get some things like that for Meredith. I went on a marine biology field trip with a group of students when I was in high school, and they wanted us to dissect fish and feed the gonads to the anemones. Most of the girls were too squeamish and the guys objected to feeding anything's gonads to anything else, so I was the only one who would participate lol. I thought it was pretty cool though, and the anemones loved me for it. ;)

Maria said...

Love the cookie recipe!

Cindy said...

MMMM. Cookies with soy sauce!

Love Grayson using the wheelbarrow at the end. That's science, or is it more physics? in action.

Those goggles are great!