Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Of dead rats and eyeballs.

The dissecting began tonight. Ainsley's first words this morning were "When is Daddy goin' be home to dissect?"

It was a longish day.

When Matt got home, the girls had the craft table cleared and set up for dissecting. He'd told them he'd do one of each of their specimens tonight (they each picked two from the magazine). Hannah picked her cow eyeball and Ains picked her rat, and they got started.

Did you see that? Over there on the left hand side? Here's a close-up.

Damn, he's cute! Sat there through the whole thing, giggling and pointing and trying (unsuccessfully) to get his hands on innards.

I wasn't sure how the girls would go from the idea of dissecting to the actual act of dissecting. We were ready for them to sign out as soon as they realized that they'd have to cut into these things. Not hardly. They are their Daddy's kids.

They were so excited to see the body parts that they'd learned about through computer games and board games.

This first time, they were simply interested in organs (below is Hannah inspecting the small intestines) and the bones ("Can I pull out the bones?" said Ainsley - definitely their daddy's children).

But my husband, he's very knowledgeable and one little question would lead to lengthy answers and even diagrams drawn on the paper table cover.

Which led to Hannah abandoning the rat for her cow eyeball

and Ainsley explaining things back to him - in hilarious three-year-old fashion - with her own diagrams.

Luckily, he realized what was happening and sucked Hannah back in with lungs and a heart. Not often you get to type that sentence out. ("I'll look," she said, "but I won't listen. That's boring and I want to do the eyeball.")

He had them being really hands-on (not that he could stop them) and they loved handling the different organs and cutting them open to look inside. It was really fascinating and I wished that Matt could have kept talking as in-depth as he had been because I was learning a lot.

But it was time to move on to the eyeball. Talk about fascinating. Matt explained to Hannah what different parts had malfunctioned in her Grandpa and Great-Grandpa's eyes which was cool. We learned so much about how the eye works by taking it apart, consulting the eye dissection pamphlet, and handling the different parts.

It was perplexing at times.
And required some up-close inspection.

It was fun.

"Now I want to do the snake!" said Ainsley.

Not tonight. After clean-up, it was time for dinner. During dinner Ains got busy making .... something.

What is it? "It's a spaceship for Donald Duck. It's a swirly twirly spaceship so he can get around."

That's all I got.


Goodwife said...

I'm excited to get those kits. I was looking at them just a couple weeks ago. Isn't homeschooling wonderful?! Thanks for a faboo post! And go Dad go!!

Shawnell said...

1. Its nice when Dad can get involved in the schooling.
2. Disecting is so much fun. We've done a cow eyeball, lungs, and heart. We got ours from a local butcher.
3. Grossing them out a little is part of the fun! You can imagine my Stacy's reaction!

Sarah said...

Shawnell, I hadn't thought of getting parts from our butcher. We get everything else from him, I don't know why I hadn't thought of that. *smacks forehead*

As for the grossing out, I can definitely picture Stacy's reaction. :) I was squirming every time Matt pinned rat feet to the mat or cut into an eyeball. *shudder*

Lynna said...

That's really exciting. Most kids don't get those opportunities until highschool. And having a wonderful dad to explain it all is even better than a boring old science teacher!! Great times!! They'll never forget, I'm sure!!

Stephanie said...


I'm loving the idea of handing this one over to Eric!! :)

Cindy said...

I don't have much to say, but WOW. I'm impressed.

Maria said...

Yeeeuck!! Another 'pass this one to the hubby" one here lol

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Yowza...this one made me squirm just a bit. I think it's so cool that your kids were so into it. OMG, they are swimming in those gloves and they just all look so darn cute! Love that intense gleam in Grayson's eye, so excited was he to be a part of this "big kid" activity.
Good job to you for arranging this and then handing the cutting over to Matt - I did that with Math. lol

Stephanie said...

(that was me calling to you)
may I link to this in Science on Saturdays?

And know that when I said
"hand it over", that does not mean that I shan't be hovering ever-nearer with my camera. :)

Sarah said...

Danni, the glasses got me. I think those kid-sized glasses are beyond cute.

Steph, you're more than wecome to post this. Thanks for asking!