Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Outdoor Challenge - garden day.

Today was a garden day. Planting while the pirates serenaded me on their harmonicas,

and searched islands for buried treasure.

Some of you have asked how Bella is getting along with the other dogs. Butterfly fell in love with her immediately. Since she is about half the size of his head, it took her a bit longer to warm up to him, but now she has and she rules the roost there. Cygnus has been less friendly and we've had to monitor that relationship, protecting her at times and letting them figure things out at others when we're able to step in.

Today, finally, they hit it off. Cygnus watched that little dog dig for all she was worth to dig out a vole. She wasn't able to kill it. He was. Now they're a team.

Whatever works.

Are you playing the Outdoor Challenge?


Goodwife said...

Glad that Bella is fitting in and being very useful as well!

5orangepotatoes said...

So glad the pups are starting to all get along. I'm loving the team effort it took to get the vole.

We need to get some things in the ground today......little behind on the peas and lettuce.


nocton4 said...

planting, always good for the soul xxx

kellyi said...

I've been looking out for some disection kits after your last post.

I could do with some pirates to help me with planting. I currently have one small child who is always just behind me, digging out the seeds we've just planted. Argh.

Sarah said...

Kelly, have you found any? We went through Home Science Tools

I only got so much planting done that day because Gray was with his daddy. He loves to walk on soft soil and try to figure out why I'm sticking my hands in the ground, so if he's not digging them out, he's stopping on them. Frustrating.