Friday, May 21, 2010

Really? We're not done yet? - Oregon post

I've lost my blogging mojo. I just can't do it late at night after the kids are in bed anymore because I'm sound asleep too. I can't do it in the morning before I get up because I'm milking the goats first thing in the morning. I can't do it during the day because one little 'let me finish this thing online' turns into too much time online. So this week, with my cousin's kids visiting, I've had even less time and motivation to get on here and finish this trip journal - two weeks after we got back.

This post, and the one that follows (the last of the trip) will be picture heavy and word light so that I can get them up.

Early morning on our last morning in the yurt.

Going tidepooling that morning near Cobble Beach. We were determined to find tidepools at least once on our trip. At this beach, there was lots of sand and little isolated tidepools. Perfect place for Gray to run free.

Hannah found anemones. I walked right past them. Because this beach was out of the water, the anemones had closed up tight, waiting for the tide to come back in.

Everyone took turns taking care of Bella.

After the tidepools (we only found closed up anemones and some dead crabs), we went to the lighthouse we'd seen the night before and Hannah and I went up the stairs. Ainsley wasn't tall enough to come up with us, so she went with Gray and her daddy to look for whales.

Hannah had learned the word 'vertigo' right before our trip and between the stairs at the dinosaur show and these stairs, she internalized the meaning quickly. On the way up she was fine, on the way down, she was hugging the wall. I had a Jimmy-Stewart-in-Vertigo moment myself on the way up.

When we were at the top, the lighthouse keeper showed her the rainbow coming from the glass in the light above. She asked how it was made. "You'll have to wait to learn about that until you get to high school. Then you'll learn about prisms and light." Reason #45 that I love homeschooling - they don't have to wait to learn about what they want to learn about.

When we got back down, we found this. A three-year-old who was so sad because "I want to be tall. Why can't I be tall now?"

Sadness that you can't fix as a parent.

Walking back from the lighthouse, we passed Cobble Beach. I told Matt I wanted to go back down 'just for 20 minutes or so'. He didn't want to go back down the stairs, so the kids and I headed down on our own. When we looked over the railing we saw this.

Tidepools! Honest to goodness, no foolin', real tidepools! So Matt came down with us.

Apparently it wasn't the stupid guidebooks, it was the stupid land lubbers who didn't know how to read tide charts.

We passed this sign (and about 15 more - the mussels were well protected) on our way down.

I told Matt "I hope I see them. I'd hate to step on them without realizing it. Do you think there are many of them?"

Oh, there are many of them all right.

And it was tidepool jackpot gold. TONS of colorful starfish - and even a few sunfish.

In the picture below there are over twenty starfish. They're on each other, on the underside of the rocks, in between rocks.
The purple sea urchins covered the walls of little pools.

It was a visual smorgasbord.

On our way back up the stairs, Hannah was saying that she wished that she could take some driftwood from the beach. A ranger was walking up right behind us and told her that she could take as much driftwood as she wanted because otherwise they (the rangers) had to clean it up. He'd already told a few people there and they were hauling off huge pieces. Hannah went to work collecting.

And then she hauled an entire skirtful of driftwood all the way up the stairs you see behind her. Determined little girl.

On our drive down the coast, we stopped at this beach - can't remember the name of it - in a beautiful little cove. Hannah ran right to the water as she did at ever single beach we stopped at.

It was windy, but they played for at least an hour. Matt and I had to take it in turns helping them chase the waves.

I think this girl is going to move to the coast as soon as she's able.


affectioknit said...

So much fun!

Goodwife said...

I totally understand! I've lost my blogging mojo too and am taking some steps back to regroup. I'm like you and get too caught up and find myself spending way to much time online when I should be doing other things! Love the pics and glad you had a great vacay!

Maria said...

Love the tidepool pics. Can't wait to see what you super creative pple do with the driftwood.

Diane said...

Great tidal pool pictures. Would love to see that in person.

Katey said...

I think that lighthouse worker was pretty lame, leaving the answer to Hannah's question for the high school science teacher.

Kytsmom said...

WOW! What a great experience and memory!!!

Chris said...

That's crazy that someone would actually say something couldn't be learned until high school! How absurd. That's why I love unschooling. Whatever they want to talk about and discuss, that's our agenda for the day!

Mom and Kiddo said...

This post reminds me of growing up on the California coast! I miss it! I LOVED the tidepools and we even used to go mussel hunting. (It was legal then, I don't know if it still is.)