Thursday, July 29, 2010

Found on the camera.

Looks like a Hannah picture.

This one's an Ainsley picture. Lemon peel on a kitten head.

Must be a Hannah picture. (Ains got an itty bitty fracture on her arm.)

I love little discoveries like this. They help me protect the kittens better in the future.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How's she fitting in?

It's been four months since Bella came home.

She's doing just fine.

Look at that. I mean, really. They were made for each other. One loves to dote, the other loves to be doted on. They take turns.

I'm not saying that she's happy with *everything* that goes on around here.

The cats she could do without.

I know it looks like she's hiding her face in the bag in that picture. She is. Skippy Jane Jones is a cranky kitty.

But on the whole, her life is pretty dang perfect. She has a little girl who thinks she's a princess (which is convenient, since *she* thinks she's a princess' dog), acres to chase voles in and a cocker spaniel who can dispatch of the voles she finds, a momma cat who will sometimes deign to play tag with her, another little girl who loves to rough house with her when she's in the mood, a little boy who loves to cuddle with her when he's in his car seat, a big, gruff man who pets her when he thinks noone is looking, and a woman who is secretly making plans to make her a new bag for Christmas because she not-so-secretly adores her (though that plan is not selfless, as it means that the woman won't have to look at the leopard print bag anymore).

And that, my friends, was the longest sentence I've ever written.

Monday, July 26, 2010

I'm that mom.

Impromptu blog carnival inspired by Flo and Ronnie

I'm that mom you see smiling as her kids go *up* the slide at an uncrowded park.

I'm that mom whose son led her to the freezer this morning, got out the ice cream for me, and I put some in a bowl for him.

I'm that mom who goes shopping with one daughter in high heels, fancy dress-up clothes that she's 'improved', and a hat that would put any Derby hat to shame, one daughter in a pirate/superhero mash-up outfit, and a son with painted nails pushing a stroller with his baby doll in it.

I'm that mom who doesn't join in conversations about bedtimes, tv/computer restrictions, food restrictions, or joy that school is about to start back up. But I *am* that mom who you hear talking to her kids about everything so that you may hear my child asking for some cheese because she 'needs more protein' or asking if I can help her find a 'sanctuary' so that she can have some alone time to regroup.

I'm that mom whose kids use ... um ... grownup words. That they may have learned from me. And I may sometimes be proud of them for using them in context. Maybe.

I'm that mom who annoys you by saying 'yes' to almost everything and rearranging her schedule as much as possible to suit her children's wants - because I happen to think they're as important as mine.

I'm that mom talking to her kids instead of smacking them if they display 'inappropriate' behavior.

Speaking of that ...

I'm that mom who will never be *my* mom. Or dad. I'm that mom who will never hit my child. I'm that mom who struggles mightily some days with behaviors and mindsets I was taught about children, with patience, with exhaustion, with patience, with frustration, with patience ... Yeah, I'm that mom for sure.

I'm that mom who thinks that kids are not a subspecies that need to be trained and molded, but little humans who deserve to be respected and loved and appreciated for who they are, right now, not who they might be or will be. I'm that mom that thinks that being my child's friend is an honor, not a failure as a parent.

Hopefully, I'm that mom that will raise children who respect others, believe in themselves, and live happy lives.

That will be my greatest achievement, to be that mom.

And I'm that woman that tries to understand and support you as you are your own 'type' of mom - because we women need that.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lemonade to go.

One of my favorite crafty blogs, Wee Folk Art, posted this common-sense (which means it had never occurred to me) method of taking lemonade to the garden with you. I was all over that. I changed the recipe to suit us. It's simply freshly squeezed lemon juice (with lime or grapefruit juice added in if those are laying around), about 10 drops of stevia, ice and water. Yum. Tons of taste, no sugar.

When I saw this tutorial that the same blog did for making a cover for the quart jar - well, I threw out my nervousness about working with wool and the girls and I jumped in with both feet.

The kids really loved playing with all of the different colors.

And the designs on the girl's jars changed several times. Hannah didn't end up with a smiley face on her final design.

The felting process took longer than I thought it would.

Ains gave up, so Gray took over for her.

Since I've never felted before, it was a steep learning curve. There were a few areas on Ainsley's that had to be stitched together and there's a spot on the bottom of mine that's thin. Hannah's, however, is pretty near perfect. Here they are before they got trimmed and stitched.

(From left to right - Hannah's, Ainsley's, mine)

And after.


Hannah (she did her own stitching)


And we love them - and use them - as much as I thought we would.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

If you're not paying attention...

You know those days that seem like nothing got done? Yesterday was one of those days. There were chores, then play, then a birthday party at a friend's house, then play, more chores, and bed.

If you're not paying attention, it feels like nothing got done. Then I go back over the pictures and we really did get stuff - besides chores - done.

We got to meet one of the coolest dogs I've ever met.

His name's Aristotle. That just adds to his cool factor.

Gray got to play with a different tractor and wagon, which in his book is a day well spent.

Several hours were spent dressing up and rehearsing for a Cinderella play, though the director would get frustrated when her Cinderella would take 'hula breaks'.

And Hannah set up a picnic for the family in the flower garden, complete with a plate tailor made for each person - chips for daddy, peas for Gray, fruit for mother, and (since she couldn't find any chocolate bars) Nutella coated chopsticks for Ains.

We got the good stuff done.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

You are my sunshine.

One of three sunshines.
You make me happy, when skies are gray.

You'll never know, dear, how much I love you.

Please don't take my sunshine away.