Thursday, July 15, 2010

If you're not paying attention...

You know those days that seem like nothing got done? Yesterday was one of those days. There were chores, then play, then a birthday party at a friend's house, then play, more chores, and bed.

If you're not paying attention, it feels like nothing got done. Then I go back over the pictures and we really did get stuff - besides chores - done.

We got to meet one of the coolest dogs I've ever met.

His name's Aristotle. That just adds to his cool factor.

Gray got to play with a different tractor and wagon, which in his book is a day well spent.

Several hours were spent dressing up and rehearsing for a Cinderella play, though the director would get frustrated when her Cinderella would take 'hula breaks'.

And Hannah set up a picnic for the family in the flower garden, complete with a plate tailor made for each person - chips for daddy, peas for Gray, fruit for mother, and (since she couldn't find any chocolate bars) Nutella coated chopsticks for Ains.

We got the good stuff done.


Kytsmom said...

I would have a picnic everyday if I had weather like this in Az!

Stephanie said...

er - hulA.

Stephanie said...

Chore days are always like that, for me. :)
I love it when we still get a few things done - that's the way yesterday was.

Cinderella hulu picture?

Sarah said...

Thanks for catching that, Steph! No time to preview this morning. ;-)