Sunday, July 18, 2010

Lemonade to go.

One of my favorite crafty blogs, Wee Folk Art, posted this common-sense (which means it had never occurred to me) method of taking lemonade to the garden with you. I was all over that. I changed the recipe to suit us. It's simply freshly squeezed lemon juice (with lime or grapefruit juice added in if those are laying around), about 10 drops of stevia, ice and water. Yum. Tons of taste, no sugar.

When I saw this tutorial that the same blog did for making a cover for the quart jar - well, I threw out my nervousness about working with wool and the girls and I jumped in with both feet.

The kids really loved playing with all of the different colors.

And the designs on the girl's jars changed several times. Hannah didn't end up with a smiley face on her final design.

The felting process took longer than I thought it would.

Ains gave up, so Gray took over for her.

Since I've never felted before, it was a steep learning curve. There were a few areas on Ainsley's that had to be stitched together and there's a spot on the bottom of mine that's thin. Hannah's, however, is pretty near perfect. Here they are before they got trimmed and stitched.

(From left to right - Hannah's, Ainsley's, mine)

And after.


Hannah (she did her own stitching)


And we love them - and use them - as much as I thought we would.


James & Jessi McCalvy said...

Fun! Did you felt them right onto the jar? The only felting I've done is with a knitted purse - I got it too small, but it also hides all the imperfections in my knitting!

Sarah said...

We did. It won't come off to wash the jar, but that should be a big deal since only lemonade and water are going into the jar and when I wash it, if the hot water and soap get on the outside, it will simply help it felt up some more.

So cute, huh?

Lynna said...

Hey, where do you get your stevia?? I've heard of it, but haven't seen it much. You've got it in liquid, not powder??

Sarah said...

I use the liquid, my sister uses the powder. The powder is obviously more pure, but it has an 'herby' aftertaste - the liquid is pure sweet without the aftertaste.

I get mine in either health stores or through Azure Standard, a coop based out of Oregon, I think. They ship through here once a month. They go through your area also.

Katey said...

Oh, I love them! I have to admit, I am afraid to use our wool and even more afraid to felt. They turned out so cool!

Sarah said...

Katey, I'm still a bit scared to work with that darling kit she sent us. Have you done any of them yet? I think I'll pull it out next week and try one of the activities ... Do it with me!

Lindsay said...

What a great idea, thanks for sharing!

denise said...

Oooh, awesome! I am growing stevia in the garden this year too--yum.

Stephanie said...

they're so cute!!
and such fun!

Mrs. G. said...

These are beautiful!! I miss the days of crafting with my kids. Yours are darling.

Tracy and her crew said...

I gave you a blog award. Stop by at!

Bona Fide Mama said...

LOVE this! I drink from a quart jar all of the time and I'm forever taking them with me!

Anonymous said...

So dang cool! love it!