Monday, August 23, 2010

It's a ritual everywhere, isn't it?

The backyard campout.

My girls thought of doing it at 8:30 at night, so it was getting dark when we set it up.

Then Hannah brought out 29 books for us to read, they fell asleep, and it thundered and poured all night long. It was surprisingly relaxing. The girls slept in the next morning.

It's not like waking up in the forest, but it's not like waking up in your bed either.

Definitely more exciting than the boring old bed.


Stephanie said...

I was just thinking a couple of days ago that we haven't done a backyard campout yet, this year!!

Soon!, me thinks.

Amber Dusick said...

How wonderful! I have fond memories of camping in the yard. I think a tent is in our future...we don't even own one right now. Thanks for the inspiration.

James and Jessi McCalvy said...

The chiuaua (sp?) in the middle makes me smile!

Maria said...

Wish my kids would just fall asleep like that! They just eg each other on and are up 'till all hours!

We should try though!

Amandean said...

Ahhhh, the things we can look forward to when we actually have a yard.