Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Three very unique children.

We went on our nightly walk down the 'farm road' tonight and I was struck by how unique these kids are.

There's Hannah wearing high heels and with a teddy bear safety pinned to her shirt.

There's Gray with a life jacket and a badminton racket.

There's Ains with her bunny (and eventually her shoes) tied to her handlebars.

On the way home, she let Gray do what he loves most of all these days - sitting on her back fender while she pedals.

It's very generous of her because it doubles her work load.


nocton4 said...

so funny but oh so cute xx

Cindy said...

The life jacket... oh that is so cute! Now he just needs a glove to go with it! :-)

Stephanie said...


affectioknit said...

Sweet uniqueness! I love that the big sister lets the little one ride - so sweet!

Lindsay said...

Love it! What cute kids. =)

Darcel said...

How sweet. My girls would love those shoes your daughter is wearing.