Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Restaurant fun.

Silly girl.

Silly girl with a missing tooth.

Silly boy trying to ignore even sillier sisters.

(This is the playmat I made almost a year ago. It is well loved and used so often and shows no wear and tear yet. He still runs over the sheep, but he uses that motorcycle track much more than I thought he would.)


Lindsay said...

Hehe. Did you make that mat Grayson is playing with? My sister-in-law made something similar for her kids, hers is a house that holds the accessories, and then folds out into a play mat. I might make one for Meredith.

Sarah said...

Lindsay, I added the link to that in the post. I made it. It was easy but time-consuming. Very satisfying. If my girls had been younger, I would have made a horse one.

acysej said...

ahh the girls are so cute!! haha and Grayson's face!! ADORABLE

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Oh myyyy...dining out with three (adorable and, yes, very funny) children...you are a very brave woman. :-)