Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Superhero birthday party.

Ainsley's birthday party had a superhero theme. It was the first time that we did a party for friends also and I was having a hard time thinking up good ideas. Facebook friends to the rescue. The party was so much fun that I wanted to share the games for others who need ideas.

My cousin and her daughter helped me make 12 little capes for the guests, which turned out really cute.

The first thing we did was have the kids do an obstacle course to train them as superheroes. It went around the yard and culminated in them rescuing stuffed animals. They loved it and did it four times in a row. Wish I'd gotten pictures of it, but we were too busy cheering and guiding.

Then we played Superheroes and Villains. Two of the moms were villains and the kids were the superheroes. They got to chase and capture the villains and tie them to chairs with toilet paper.

Then the villains would break free and it would all start over.

It was *such* a blast. After the first villain run, one of the villains had to give up her life of crime because it bothered her son to see her being chased. Another villain - with an infant, no less - stepped up and the game went on

and on ....

and on ....

until the toilet paper rolls were used up.

Then the superheroes got to clean up their town, eat cake, and play around as long as they wanted. We had emptied our swimming pool and filled it back with only three inches of water and a bottle of dish soap. The kids would stand in the water and we would pull a hula hoop up over them to make a bubble around them. It almost worked on the shorter kids, but only got waist high on the bigger kids. Then they used the hoops to make huge bubbles.

It really was a brilliantly fun party.

Ains only wanted a few things. A scooter. A book about Dragonology. A skirt.

I wanted to put up some pictures of the handmade goodness she got, so here is her (very) ruffly skirt. *Very* ruffly.

Seriously, I never want to see ruffles again.

Hannah made her a pillowcase.

She drew a picture of a unicorn, transferred it to a piece of muslin and embroidered it, picked out fabric to match and I sewed it into a pillowcase.


Then there's the present my sister gave her - a knitted superheroine doll.

It looks cute in the picture, I know, but people - it is so. much. cuter. in your hands. You can't help but fly her around.

And the detail is wonderful - look at her cape.

I want one.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Windy days.

We had a massive wind storm come through here and stay for three days. Crazy 50 mph winds with 'gusts' (that lasted for forty minutes) of higher winds that tried to blow trees down, grills off of decks. Not play outside weather.

We stuck around inside except for short screaming runs outside to take care of animals who were themselves hunkered down and not going anywhere.

So we've had lots of cookie making. Hummus making. Cracker making. Brownie making. We're going to be much harder to blow away after this storm.

Lots of curling in a warm blanket and watching Rainbow Brite.

Lots of super hero play - X-men, She-ra, Black Cat, Justice League, Ladybugs ... so glad that we're in a house with a circle from the living room to the kitchen for them to run around. So glad no-one's busted their head running that circle yet.

Grayson sometimes joins in the Ladybug superhero game (one of them is a ladybug and the others are aphids) and sometimes they let him chase him just as himself and act terrified which makes him giggle as he's roaring. A lot of the time I'll find him playing in the toy kitchen or pushing his cars around, completely content to be playing on his own - so different from his sisters at the same age. Sometimes he joins me in the big kitchen stirring stuff up. He's started to really enjoy that.

This morning the wind is gone and there is frost on the ground. The cold temperatures aren't going to stop my kids from going outside today, I'm thinking. Three days stuck inside is enough.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

A regular rainy day activity.

We don't get a lot of rainy days around here, but when we do, these yoga dvds are *always* pulled out.

The girls are really into it. Gray is kind of into it - especially the 'shaking your joints out' part.

But see here, how he's starting to look down, noticing something on the ground?

Yeah, we lost him.

Downward tractor.
Still not paying attention.

But we had him for all of two minutes. That's a record.