Thursday, December 16, 2010

New pants and a Tree.

New sewing post up over here.

We got our tree up last week and this is the first year in nine years that we have a store-bought tree. Usually we get one while we're in Wyoming visiting family - it's a tradition, hunting for the perfect tree in the perfect spot (too many trees in one place) and hauling it back down the mountain. Didn't happen this year, so we went to a local greenhouse and got a tree.

I forget what a magical thing this is - decorating a tree in the house.

So much glitter to be distributed!

Ornaments to be dug out and put on the tree.

All that we as adults did this year was get the boxes out, untangle lights, and help where asked. The girls did all of the decorating.

Gray just wanted to wear the hat and play.
So our tree is so clearly decorated by kids. All of the ornaments in the same spot, all of the lights in one area ...

It's perfect for this season of our lives.
Happy Holidays!


Anonymous said...

LOVE it!!!

Lindsay said...

I love the tree! It is perfect. Growing up we always had a very eclectic tree, while our neighbour's tree was "perfect". It matched her decor, every ball was carefully placed, etc. Sometimes, I think I'd like a tree like that. But her kids (same age as we were) didn't get to help, weren't even allowed to touch it, and I think our tree decorating parties more than made up for not having a designer tree.

Farmgirl_dk: said...

It's a perfect tree! And I've *always* loved your girls' decorating style. :-)
Sweet Bella looks pretty tuckered out - is it from the weight of carrying that huge Santa hat on her head? lol

Cindy's Custom Creations said...

Awesome tree! It's good to relax about stuff like that.

Maria said...

Emma mst have a bit of perfectionist in her (ya think? lol) because she meticulously wandered around the tree looking for empty spots to fill!