Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Our to-do list for today.

Hannah's, Ainsley's, and mine.

Gray just bounced and giggled when I asked him what he had on the docket for today. Then I had to go look up 'docket' for two curious girls. That'll teach me to use phrases that I don't really know the back meaning for - apparently I'm running a court of law here.

Today Hannah is going to:
-dehydrate pears
-play Gardenopoly
-have a game of Quirkle
-practice violin
-put on a show with my violin

Ainsley is going to:
-play with Gray all day
-play with Hannah and Mommy

I am going to:
-cut out Hannah pants
-sew produce bags
-menu plan
-Reading Eggs
-sew violin cloths

Looking at that, I think that their lists look like a lot more fun.


Stephanie said...

sounds like a superdelicious day to me!

Cindy's Custom Creations said...

Play with Gray all day. Sounds pretty awesome to me!

Peter and Andrea said...

We just got Quirkle for Christmas. I like that game.