Thursday, January 13, 2011

The day in which Hannah realized that 'Museums are my thing!'

Yesterday was Hannah's violin lesson. She got a violin - purple, no less - for Christmas and has been wanting to start lessons ever since. Last week was her first lesson, this week her second. Since she's taking lessons from a Suzuki instructor, I have to pay close attention in class to take practice notes for her, so I have to bring stuff to keep the other two quiet and engaged.

Done and done.

After class we had a few hours to kill before Ainsley's gymnastics class and it was too cold for parks. We decided to go to our local museum. It's small but has cool stuff.

Like this replica of a human skeleton. We hadn't seen that before. It captured imaginations.

And this one always sucks Ains in for some reason - a recreation of a living space in a cave for American Indians that lived in this area.

They also have a room with art that changes every so often. The last time we were there there was a bloody and gruesome settler/Indian 'Hamlet on the Plains' display. We had to stay well clear of that one, but now they have abstract art in there. Ains loved this painting.

And Hannah, after spending 20 minutes having me read signs above dinosaur bones to her declared "You know, Mother, museums are my thing. They really are. You can learn so much here, and what's the point if you're not learning?"

Ainsley looked at her like she was nuts and ran back into the room with fluorescent lights where Gray was already giggling at his shoelaces.


Cindy's Custom Creations said...

That looks like a fun day!

Farmgirl_dk: said...

Sounds to me like museums are all three of your kids' "thing" - just in different ways :-).
I'd be giggling over my shoelaces with Grayson. lol

Phyllis said...

I have an award for you over at my blog.

Maria said...

That darkroom was fun. I told all the kids that their teeth were glowing. They looked and giggled. Then they informed me that mine weren't. Hmm - I brush every day I swear! lol

here we are together said...

oooh,that sounds like fun! museums are very much our thing,too!