Friday, June 10, 2011

Nature journaling.

Beautiful warm weather. Of course we had to draw it.

It's the second time Hannah's nature journal has come out this year, the first time Ainsley's and mine have.

And Grayson still has no interest in nature journals when there are tricycles to ride.


Lindsay said...

Very a propos for us! We are discussing starting a nature journal too, and I've spent the last couple of days reading various ideas. I think we're going to have one that's a bit more structured (and more for me) that will be for plant and insect identification, but we just bought Meredith a little notebook to start her own journal with. Unfortunately, we could only find lined notebooks in a small size, but she was pretty thrilled with it anyway.

MamaTea said...

We are just starting a bit of nature journaling here and loving it. Its so relaxing to just sit and take in (and draw) what we are zooming past everyday. :) Then again...there ARE tricycles to be ridden...and who can blame him? ;)