Sunday, June 5, 2011

Seven days full of Zander.

It's been a busy week. I can't believe that in four hours my baby will have been with us for a week.

We've all been getting to know him in our own way. Cautious poking.



He's staring into his Daddy's eyes a lot and looking for him when he hears his voice.

I'm staring at him a lot, nursing a lot, sleeping a little.

The kids had Daddy home for the first few days and got their first camping trip on the lawn this year.

We've had amazing friends bring us dinner all week - what a blessing that's been.

Hundreds of pictures have been taken.

Because ... because babies are irresistible when they're sleeping.

We've spent a lot of time cuddled on the couch watching Batman. Gray even has his own Batman dance he does now when he hears the theme music. And I know more about Batman than I did a week ago - which is actually saying something since Batman and Company are such a big part of our lives.

And look at what happens when Mommy is nursing or holding a sleeping baby -

She gets to eat cookies right off of the cooling rack - why get a plate dirty? Oh, right. The crumbs.

We've been playing a lot more games this week also because I'm so sedentary. While playing Qwirkle the other day, this was my view to my left ...

and to my right.

And on the nice days, when the kids are wanting to be outside I can sit on a bean bag on the porch with either Zander, or, if he's ok with being put down for his nap, with my laptop, and have the kids come up to talk to me or cuddle or yell at me to watch what they can do.

And then I take more pictures of a sleeping baby.

Because he's irresistible.


dreamer said...

Enjoy every minute :) Priceless!
Thanks for sharing with us x

Joy said...

What a sweet new little one! I love the picture of Hannah holding Zander. It looks like they are all adapting wonderfully. You look great mama!

Cindy's Custom Creations said...

That picture of Ainsley in the background when you are playing the game is my favorite. That, and her eating cookies off of the tray. :-)

nancy said...

Beautiful baby, beautiful mama, beautiful family! So happy for you all! Thinking of you from Texas, with love.

Lindsay said...

So precious! Love the pics of the kids with their new baby brother. How are they all adjusting?

Sarah said...

@Lindsay, they're all doing well. Hannah and Ainsley understood and were excited about it. Gray --- who knows what he understands and he hasn't been excited about it, but he also hasn't been angry about it. Mild interest, I think. But no anger or aggression, so I've been glad about that.

Mama Teaching 3 said...

I love the new baby in the house blogs. :) *sigh* He is so pretty! :) Hee hee...

Did he fall asleep in the sling and then you laid him down gently? I did that alot with my middle boy.

debbie said...

SO beautiful. This all made me cry. You live a beautiful, rich life my friend. xo